Courtney A. Fiske

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Say Anything

As our emotional and existential stakes in the web have risen, so too have the damages that digital malevolence can wreak.

Bored at Harvard

If boredom is, after all, a symptom of modernity, we might as well accept that being bored is here to stay.

Really, Aaron Sorkin?

At least to current Harvard students, “The Social Network’s” repeated scenes of intoxicated depravity—culled from some “Animal-House”-meets-hip-New-York-club wet dream—serve as a not-so-subtle disclosure that Sorkin’s narrative attends more to fiction than fact.

Oh, the Irony!

As my short-lived attempt at abstinence revealed, living un-ironically is distinctly un-fun.

Period Politics

Menstruation, therein, is more than a biological occurrence: It is a socially constructed phenomenon, emanating as much from cultural stereotype as from women’s own wombs.

Procrastinating Life

Me, “grow up”? Not yet.

Laughing with Heidegger

Academic disciplines are forms of gibberish that must be mastered before they can glean any insights.

Situating Sex

As Beauvoir’s tombstone turns 24, her legacy—whether fully or pseudo feminist—commands our continued attention.