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Parting Shot

A House as a Home

I never shared in enough Kirkland experiences to become a genuine part of that community, but I did find my own affiliation elsewhere.

On Campus

'Prometheus Bound' a Lucid Exploration of Tyranny

Director Diane M. Paulus ’87 brings dynamism and contemporary resonance to the 2,500-year-old Greek play by Aeschylus.

On Campus


Harvard students waiting outside Berryline for their favorite frozen dessert are in for an entirely different kind of treat these days—the sight of seventies-clad revelers waiting in line to see “The Donkey Show,” the premiere of Diane M. Paulus’ ’87 inaugural season as artistic director of the American Repertory Theater.

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The Top Five Most Terrifying Things from Unconventional Sources

Amidst the demons of “Saw 3D” and “Resident Evil: Afterlife” that have been stalking the big screen lately, another fiend recently arose from quite the unexpected source: “Toy Story 3.”


The Ballads of Stephen Sondheim

“Finishing the Hat”—which will soon be joined by a second volume that covers Sondheim’s musicals after 1981—provides a fascinating and illuminating glimpse into the mind of modern musical theater’s greatest writer.

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Actors Transform and Transfix in 'Circle Mirror'

The Huntington production suffers from this slow pacing, but otherwise proves to be a sturdy version of an ultimately absorbing show.

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Ambition and Obsession Drive Fincher's Flawless 'Social Network'

Fincher and Sorkin have crafted a stunning modern epic—an electric and incisive film that is a timeless depiction of old against new.


Publick's 'Hound' Breaks Bounds

This play—a whodunit set at a manor ripped straight from any of Agatha Christie’s works—is riddled with clichés and convenient coincidences...


Patrick Quinn ’10

Patrick H. Quinn ’10 talks about dance using colloquial descriptions not typically associated with the art. “Dance looks so fucking ...

On Campus

Athletes and Aesthetes

The Crimson Dance Team and Harvard Ballroom Dance Team fuse athletic competition with artistic interpretation, in a unique hybrid of art and sport.

Paradise Lost
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A.R.T.’s ‘Paradise’ Feels More Like Hell

If Bertolt Brecht and Steve Jobs collaborated on a play about economic downturn, the end result might look something like the lifeless, sluggish production of Clifford Odets’s “Paradise Lost” currently running at the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.).


B.U.'s 'How I Learned' Driven by Powerful Acting

An illuminated white line bisects the endless black of the Boston University Theatre’s Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley Studio 210.

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A.R.T.'s 'Gatz' Takes Classic Tale to Stage in Novel Adaptation

Borrowing established stories and adapting them for the stage is hardly unusual in today’s theater culture, where original writing is hard to find.


Esbjorson Does Ample and Timely Justice to Classic Miller

Running through February 7th, “All My Sons” has not felt so timely since its 1947 debut, owing in part to the current national culture of profit-hungry egocentricity.


ART's "Best of Both Worlds" Unfortunate Misnomer

Though it offers a wonderful musical experience, “Best of Both Worlds” ultimately demonstrates the potential pitfalls of an emphasis on active spectatorship.