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Talisa Friedman '10

“I’m pretty boring,” says Talisa B. Friedman ’10, who in reality, is anything but. Alongside Carolyn W. Holding ’10, she was recently awarded the Jonathan Levy Award in Drama by the Office for the Arts at Harvard (OFA), a prize recognizing the most promising undergraduate actor or actress in the College.

Festivals Celebrate Emerging Playwrights

Based on two upcoming festivals in the Boston area, breaking down conventional barriers is the new “it” thing to do ...

Of Morals And Magnets

Forget the free-will model of morality you learned in “Justice” lectures. If a recent scientific study is correct, you might be able to sway your entire section to your line of thinking using one simple object: a magnet. But how could a physical object alter our most fundamental beliefs?

Spiritual and Moving, ‘Angels’ Transcends Clichés

“Millennium Approaches”—the first part of Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play “Angels in America”—has the potential to

Dan Deacon

“Bromst,” the second full-length, commercially distributed album by Dan Deacon, should come with a Surgeon General’s Warning. Deacon’s noisy arrangements

Sunshine Cleaning

“It’s just like cleaning up a house, but there’s blood there,” Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams) explains nonchalantly to her younger


In his debut, “I Love College,” Asher Roth takes us into his world of collegiate debauchery by inserting a DVD