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Harvard's First Rube Goldberg Day

VIDEO: Dynamo hosts students from Harvard and MIT in its first ever Rube Goldberg competition. Within a four hour time limit, the students used the items at hand in order to see who could create the most impressive machine that could pop a balloon in the tradition of the famous cartoonist, Rube Goldberg. Here is the winning result.

Students at the Humanities Center’s “Teenage Wastelands” event on September 29 discussed works such as “The Hunger Games” that are not typically scrutinized with an academic eye.

Professor Linda Schlossberg, instructor of the popular Chick Lit course, discusses literature for the young adult reader and the difficulties of early adolescence.

Catherine Lord ‘71, a visual artist, curator and professor of studio art at the Univeristy of Chicaogo seen here in conversation with actor John Lithgow ‘67, was honored yesterday with the 2010 Harvard Arts Medal Award.

Novelist and filmmaker Atiq Rahimi speaks about his writing and filmmaking, in both French and Persian, in Fong auditorium yesterday. Rahimi is creative adviser to Moby Group, Afghanistan’s largest media group.