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Erik the Red

Co-captain Erik Kuld, shown here in earlier action, capped his Harvard volleyball career with 45 kills in two contests, but the weekend ended in disappointment for the Crimson as the squad dropped both of its matches.

The Abortion Debate

Harvard Law School Professor Jeannie Suk discusses abortion in "The Trajectory of Trauma: Bodies and Minds in the Abortion Discourse" in the Barker Center on Wednesday night.

Today in Photos (04/15/2010)

Adams House’s missing gong, which had mysteriously vanished a week before Housing Day, showed up in Eliot Dining Hall above a sign saying “Adams House gong, it’s not actually a gong, it’s a tam-tam” yesterday evening.

Cynthia Young, a Warren Fellow at Boston College, speaks about "Black Ops and Sleeper Cells: Race, the War on Terror and Popular Culture from Above and Below" in the History Library at Robinson Hall yesterday.