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Sarah L. Hopkinson

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Ondaatje's Latest a Beautifully Wrought Bildungsroman

As the Oronsay Boat sets sail into the dark ocean in the opening pages of “The Cat’s Table,” so too does author Michael Ondaatje embark into a drifting narrative sea of memory and imagination.

Hysterical ‘Arthur’ Antics Overcome Weaknesses

It is the absurdity of Brand’s actions, Mirren’s wry humor, and a sparkling set of supporting performances that enable “Arthur” to coalesce into a delightful comedy—even if it entirely lacks substantive moral value.

Howling for Free Speech

Encapsulating the rise of the 1950s “Beat” counter culture, "Howl" entwines a number of threads, including aesthetically-astounding animations; recreations of the events of Ginsberg’s life; and a dramatically-imagined depiction of the obscenity trial in 1957.