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Yale Unveils New Target for Pranks

The original "Handsome Dan" Yale bulldog has been dead since 1897, but he returned this past week looking better than ever. A statue of the dog was erected last Wednesday outside the Yale Bowl in preparation for The Game on Saturday.


How Busy Is Lamont?

As each semester draws to a close, crowds descend on Lamont Library. Students camp out at wooden tables and in armchairs, slowly transforming into the bleary-eyed and smelly beast known as the Lamonster.

Harvard Yard



Junior Calls Harvard 'Overrated' in U.S. News & World Report Op-Ed

Alexander B. Heffner '12 has a message for prospective college students—"be careful what you wish for." In an op-ed published by U.S. News & World Report, Heffner challenges the true value behind Harvard's reputation, comparing his current schooling in the Ivy League to his time at Andover and making it clear that a Harvard education is sub-par.


Feeling Green? Some St. Patty's Day Ideas

Spending St. Patrick's Day on campus? Boston and Cambridge are ideal places to seek out the luck of the Irish.

A Sit Down With Bromance Languages

Bromance Languages: Rappin' Your Way

Bromance Languages, a new rap band shaking up Harvard's campus, just released their self-produced album "Brutes of Our Labor."

Around the Ivies Plus

Pot Brown-ie, Texans Packing Heat, and a Whole Lot of Money

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and some other schools too).

Clay All Night
Visual Arts

Play with Clay

Tomorrow night, the Office for the Arts is hosting a Clay All Night event for all of us looking to express our creative sides.

Obama at MIT
Student Groups

Where To Watch the State of the Union Tonight

President Barack Obama will deliver his second State of the Union address tonight at 9 p.m., and many Harvard students are planning to take a break from shopping week to watch. Wondering where you can watch? Don't worry, we've got you covered.


Exams Circa 1860

Have you ever wondered what Harvard exams were like centuries ago? Though one might expect that these exams have been lost to the ages, they have, in fact, been collected in the depths of Pusey Library. In order to uncover the sort of questions Harvard students had to answer as they sat for exams in the past, this Flyby correspondent ventured into the Harvard University Archives, looked through exams dating back to around 150 years ago, and compiled some of the more interesting questions below.


European Official Looks at Solutions For Crisis

European Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget Janusz Lewandowski discussed solutions to the financial crisis last night as part of a series of conversations on the challenges of the 21st century from American and European perspectives.


Tesla Roadster Rolls Through Harvard

On Sunday night, there was a surprise in store for residents of Lowell House. If they looked into their small courtyard, they would have seen an electric car that some claim will be the future of transportation: a Tesla Roadster charging as its driver visited her old friend, Lowell tutor Andrew M. Leifer.

Food and Drink


Food and Drink

CSA Hosts Iron Chef Competition

The Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Student Association Iron Chef competition began, unexpectedly, with an original rap to the instrumental of “Like a G6” delivered by Joshua C. Zhang ’14 and Eric Lu ’14. The rap set the stage for the irreverent tone of the evening, established the rules of the competition, and announced the prize: a $30 gift card to Finale.


Respectably French Responds to Colbert's Attack on Mankiw

According to Respectably French’s latest video, Stephen Colbert has “deprived the entire Harvard community of our [N. Gregory] Mankiw.” The ...