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How Busy Is Lamont?

As each semester draws to a close, crowds descend on Lamont Library. Students camp out at wooden tables and in armchairs, slowly transforming into the bleary-eyed and smelly beast known as the Lamonster.

Junior Calls Harvard 'Overrated' in U.S. News & World Report Op-Ed

Alexander B. Heffner '12 has a message for prospective college students—"be careful what you wish for." In an op-ed published by U.S. News & World Report, Heffner challenges the true value behind Harvard's reputation, comparing his current schooling in the Ivy League to his time at Andover and making it clear that a Harvard education is sub-par.

Where To Watch the State of the Union Tonight

President Barack Obama will deliver his second State of the Union address tonight at 9 p.m., and many Harvard students are planning to take a break from shopping week to watch. Wondering where you can watch? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Exams Circa 1860

Have you ever wondered what Harvard exams were like centuries ago? Though one might expect that these exams have been lost to the ages, they have, in fact, been collected in the depths of Pusey Library. In order to uncover the sort of questions Harvard students had to answer as they sat for exams in the past, this Flyby correspondent ventured into the Harvard University Archives, looked through exams dating back to around 150 years ago, and compiled some of the more interesting questions below.