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Zuckerberg's Finally 'In a Relationship'

You know it's not official until it's Facebook official. Well then, it's official: Mark Zuckerberg is taken. The Daily Mail reported that the notoriously private Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and one of Harvard's most famous (and richest!) dropouts, finally updated his relationship status to "In a relationship," seven years since he first began dating Priscilla Chan '07.


Portman Discusses Harvard's Social Scene

Natalie Portman '03 said, in a recent interview with Newsweek Magazine, that although she doesn’t have a Facebook account, she's very familiar with the depiction of Harvard's social scene in "The Social Network."

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PBS To Give Freedom Rides

PBS is giving students the chance to experience an important part of the history of American Civil rights. The public television station will select 40 students from accross the country to retrace the 1961 Freedom Rides next May. They are accepting applications for this journey now.

Styleta Dress Swap
On Campus

The Perfect Dress May Be Just a Swap Away

Winter Formals are fast approaching, and regardless of whether you have a date or plan on going solo, there’s one thing most girls having in common: the search for the perfect dress. For those of you who have not yet found the dress, fear not. Styleta at Harvard is hosting a Formal Dress Swap and Trunk Sale on Friday, Dec. 3 from 12 to 4 pm on the fourth floor of 67 Mt. Auburn Street.


The Q is Open!

The Course Evaluation tool, better known as The Q, has opened and will remain open through Sunday, Jan. 9.


Brian Marsden, Astronomer, Dies at 73

Brian G. Marsden, famed astronomer and tracker of comets and asteroids, passed away on Nov. 18 due to prolonged illness. At Harvard, Marsden served as supervisory astronomer at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and as director emeritus of the Minor Planet Center.

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Kirkland's New Security Doors

An e-mail circulating the Kirkland House list reports that several students, and even Kirkland’s building manager, Resident Dean, and House ...

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Harvard Thinks Big 2

February of 2011 may seem far away, but the College Events Board wants you to start thinking about “Harvard Thinks ...

Student Life

Four Loko Sweeps Across College Campuses

While beer may never be replaced as the quintessential party beverage, it now has some serious competition. A combination of ...

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Zuckerberg Not the Youngest Billionaire

Mark Zuckerberg may be the hottest name on Forbes’ list of America’s Youngest Billionaires but he is surprisingly, not the ...


Mankiw Comes Out with New Textbook

Economics professor Gregory Mankiw has written yet another textbook on intermediate macroeconomics. Slightly different from his previous macroeconomics book, the ...

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How Much Would You Pay to Get into Harvard?

How about $200,000? According to an article from Forbes magazine, that's how much some nouveau riche parents in China are ...


Reminder: Add/Drop Deadline (Without a Fee) Is Today

If you still haven’t made up your mind on which classes to take, keep in mind that the deadline to add or drop a course without paying a fee is today.

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Cutting Out (Some of) the Meat at Harvard

We called up the student behind the petition—Talia B. Lavin ’12, the creator of the Harvard Meat Less Initiative—to find out what she hopes will come out of her efforts and why she believes in this cause.