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Student Journalism and Student Voice

You can love this university and still want it to treat its students, workers, and the outside world more justly.


Whither the Liberal Arts at Harvard?

Not offering an accounting course somehow seems to prove our university’s commitment to the liberal arts. We will teach economic theory, not practical applications, in our classes.


The Harvard Lobby

Harvard’s huge endowment as well as its influence as a huge academic institution means that it can put a lot of economic and moral clout behind legislation that it cares about.


The Harvard ID

Harvard shouldn’t define its community based on who holds a Harvard ID. Harvard’s neighbors and workers deserve access to space and recognition at our university.


Remembering, at Harvard

Treating history simply as a tool to valorize the present does injustice to the past lives of those who are now unable to defend the fact of their own existences.


The Politics of Divestment

Right now, by supporting fossil fuels, the endowment is advancing right-wing goals. Divestment activists want it aligned with the progressive values of Harvard University and its students.


Institutionalizing Queer

Ten years ago, in response to student activism, Harvard created the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. Three years later, after student demands, it inaugurated the modern Harvard College Women’s Center. Most recently, just two years ago, Harvard funded the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, also in response to organized student outcry


Farewell, Dean Hammonds

Mostly, though, I’m disappointed not in our former Dean, but in Harvard. It’s a shame that when Hammonds found herself in a position of power, she misused that power.

Summer Postcards 2013

The High Table

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom—At the back of the dining hall of Trinity College, Cambridge (we just call it “hall,” with no article—as in, “I’m going to hall for dinner!”) there’s a raised platform. Unlike the raised part of Quincy dining hall, the tables on this platform face the rest of the tables in the dining hall at a right angle.

Summer Postcards 2013

A Spot of Tea

Last month, a graphic representation of differences in dialect across the continental USA compiled by North Carolina State University graduate student Joshua Katz went viral.


Department of Gender Studies?

What does a discipline so used to being excluded from spaces of power—in fact, a discipline built up on critique of the institutions of power—do when it is offered a seat at the table?


Harvard’s Exploitation in Chile

Harvard’s aggressive approaches to timber and agribusiness in Latin America are unique among universities. A recent report identified only one university endowment with direct holdings in forestry and agriculture investments in Latin America: Harvard.

Speak like a...

A Letter to My Professors

I would like to appeal to my professors, peers, and anyone else who mentors women: Please don’t tell us to speak differently. If you truly respect us, let us speak as we like, and just pay attention to the words we say.


EdX, The Great Equalizer

But what does it mean that Harvard has sponsored an education platform to disseminate professors’ lectures across the world? Perhaps we should consider the philosophical foundations that have motivated President Faust and other university leaders to spread Harvard scholarship across the globe.


Harvard’s One Voice

What made the cheating scandal a “scandal” instead of simply a routine university response to academic dishonesty?