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Study May Enable Huntington’s Treatment Tracking

Harvard researchers have identified a biomarker for Huntington’s Disease, a discovery that may allow physicians to track the effectiveness of treatments and the progression of the neurodegenerative, genetically dominant disease.

HMS Alumnus Awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine 3 Days After Death

The Nobel Committee announced Monday that Ralph M. Steinman, Harvard Medical School '68, would share the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

HIPPO Flight Lands Safely

After five missions and more than 50 flights, the HIPPO Project is finally back on the ground.

Students Honored For Civics Tutoring

Soon after Lynn K. Trever—a member of the dining staff at Harvard’s Greenhouse Café—first came to the U.S., she found herself toiling for 16 hours a day while eight months pregnant. But despite her exhausting work schedule and her lack of formal schooling, Trever decided she wanted to become an American citizen.

NRA Representatives Visit Harvard Campus

Representatives of the National Rifle Association argued that an increase in the purchase of registered guns leads to decreased crime rates at an event last night sponsored by the Harvard Republican Club and the Harvard Shooting Club.

Experts Look at Nuclear Power After Fukushima

Nuclear security experts from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center say that the disaster in the Fukushima power plant will not necessarily constrain the growth of the nuclear power industry, especially where the demand for more energy is high.

Harvard Professors Weigh in on Nuclear Threat

Though dangerous levels of radioactivity still pose a threat to the population around the deteriorating nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan, Harvard professors say that while the disaster may cause dangerous pollution, its consequences will not reach the most dire predictions.

HKS Panel Debates News

A group of foreign correspondents, radio hosts, and museum curators emphasized the importance of global citizenship while also taking the tastes of local audiences into account in two panel discussions at the Harvard Kennedy School yesterday.