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Student Groups

Students Discuss Inclusion

Students emphasized the importance of representing oneself, not just one’s ethnic group, in an panel discussion entitled “Ousiders Allowed” on Thursday night.

On Campus

Students Discuss Social Class at Harvard

Students from various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds came together yesterday night to discuss their perspectives on wealth and diversity at Harvard.

Student Life

EPS Students and Faculty Take On Hawaii

Over 30 Harvard students and faculty members within the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department traveled to Hawaii’s Big Island on a weeklong field trip this summer, giving them the opportunity to hike and explore one of the United States’ most active volcanic regions.

Harvard Kennedy School

Panel Discusses Girls’ Education in the Middle East

Scholars and students gathered to discuss the problems associated with women’s education and economic involvement in the Middle East at a panel discussion last night, noting that female education rates in Iraq are the lowest they have been in a decade.

Student Life

Seminar Demystifies The Female Orgasm

Under the tutelage of renowned sexologist Dr. Carol Queen on Friday night, students learned how to induce the female orgasm during the Seventh Annual Female Orgasm Seminar.

South Sudan Discussion Panel

Scholars Examine Obstacles Facing Southern Sudan

Students and educators gathered last night for a panel examining the current obstacles facing the soon-to-be independent region of Southern Sudan.

Student Groups

Students Honored For Civics Tutoring

Soon after Lynn K. Trever—a member of the dining staff at Harvard’s Greenhouse Café—first came to the U.S., she found herself toiling for 16 hours a day while eight months pregnant. But despite her exhausting work schedule and her lack of formal schooling, Trever decided she wanted to become an American citizen.


NRA Representatives Visit Harvard Campus

Representatives of the National Rifle Association argued that an increase in the purchase of registered guns leads to decreased crime rates at an event last night sponsored by the Harvard Republican Club and the Harvard Shooting Club.

Harvard in the World

Harvard Wins in Global Brand Rankings

Harvard has the best university reputation in the world, according to the Times Higher Education’s seventh annual 2011 World University Reputation Rankings.

Dr. Marisa Silveri talks about binge drinking.
Student Life

Marisa Silveri, Medical School Professor, Calls Alcohol’s Impact ‘No-Brainer'

Binge drinking among young adults—whose brains are in a critical stage of development—can lead to brain damage and impairments in neurological function, warned Assistant Psychiatry Professor and behavioral neuroscientist Marisa M. Silveri in a lecture last night.

Harvard Kennedy School

Panel Discusses Black History

During a panel discussion yesterday, speakers at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government argued that the election of President Obama ...

Valentine's Day in the Square

HCS Matches Pairs For Valentine’s Day

A record 2,260 students woke up yesterday morning to a list of romantic prospects in their inboxes generated by Datamatch—a matchmaking service operated by the Harvard Computer Society—just in time for Valentine’s Day.