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Housing Videos: Roundup Part Deux

It is not unusual for a House to ridicule its rivals in video form, as payback for being made fun of in previous years. And this week has seen much of the same. With just days to spare, more videos from Leverett, Cabot, Currier, Winthrop, Kirkland, Quincy, Dunster, and Pfoho have joined the list that is 2012's Housing Season. Here's a recap of the new additions.

Harvard Protests Through the Years

"Behold, our butter stinketh! — give us therefore, butter that stinketh not." With this cry, the Great Butter Rebellion of 1766, the first Harvard student protest ever recorded, began. Since then, student protests have continued to rock Harvard's campus over the years. In light of the Occupy Harvard movement, here's a look back at some of the ways in which Harvard students have stood up for what they believe in over the last centruy alone.