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Brilliant Projectors Animate ‘George’

Though at times the visuals projected on the panels distracts from the acting, the musical still serves as a stunning combination of theatrical and visual art that serves as an invitation to examine the lives of the people in the painting more closely.

Ladysmith Bring a Unique Style to Sanders

While their concert at Sanders Theatre meandered at the beginning and was repetitive at times, the group’s infectious gusto and enthusiasm turned the show into a raucous and entertaining delight.

“A Good American” a Beautiful Ode to Family and History

Alex George narrates all the intimacies of family life, both the mundane and the scandalous, in simple heartfelt prose that resonates deeply through its unwavering attention to the powerful connections between the characters and their own unique places in American history.

The Crossroad Between Music and Rhetoric

With various musical illustrations played by Marsalis and other distinguished musicians, the lecture charmed a packed Sanders Theater and provided a rich history of the American root genres and the musicians who explored them.

Scientific Research Speaks through Art

A panel of artists and scientists discuss the role of art in conveying scientific information.

Grossman Discusses Israeli Literature

Israeli novelist and political activist David Grossman shared the stories that influenced his latest award-winning novel, “To the End of Our Land,” at a guest lecture Tuesday night.