Michael C. George

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A Tale of Two Cities and a Soccer Match

At dinner, our conversation was regularly punctuated by cries of local supporters. Soon, however, the people at the small hole-in-the-wall diner next door erupted into cheers: the final score was 2-0. “Somos campeones, otra vez,” they chanted. “We are the champions, once again!”

Viewing the South of Medellín from the North

Tear Gas and Coffee

“Run!” I looked up and saw it, a foreboding cloud rolling down the street, grey tentacles stretching towards me. Soon, I felt it—my eyes stung as tears suddenly flowed down my checks. I froze for a moment and saw shrouded hooded figures emerging from within the cloud, trying to outrun its advance, before my smarting eyes forced me to join the fleeing crowd.

Between Harvard and Yale, a World of Difference

At a time when some universities are expanding their physical footprint abroad, Harvard remains committed to keeping its undergraduate student body firmly rooted in Cambridge.

Students Protest Investment in Apartheid South Africa

Although Harvard never did fully divest from South Africa, 25 years later the student participants look back proudly on the small role they played in the downfall of the apartheid regime.

Villa Houses Scholars, History

In a time of continual change in the Harvard community, I Tatti serves as a living time capsule, upholding the vision and traditions of its founder, renowned art critic Bernard Berenson, Class of 1887.