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Irresponsibly Positive Portrayals of Mick Jagger

There are some things that Jagger most certainly is not, notable among them graceful or good-looking. As cultural watchdogs, we at FM feel compelled to highlight the disturbing proliferation of pop cultural portents that seem to suggest that posterity is in great peril of forgetting Jagger’s particular quirks.

Club Passim

Past Tense: Club Passim

On a Sunday night in March, people line up outside the door to get into Club Passim, the unassuming basement space on Palmer Street.

Love It or Hate It: Memes
For The Moment

Hate It: Memes

I have never been more confident in the decline of Western civilization and the impending, frankly overdue 2012 apocalypse than I am when I look at the veritable cesspool of intellectual and moral decay that is the collection of memes on the Facebook group of the Harvard College Class of 2015.


God, Via Javerbaum, Visits the Coop

David A. Javerbaum '93, former executive producer of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," spoke at the Coop today in promotion of his latest book, "The Last Testament: A Memoir By God."


Barney Frank, Through Videos

House Representative Barnett "Barney" Frank '61-'62, who has been the Congressman for Massachusetts's Fourth Congressional District since 1981, recently announced that he would not be seeking reelection in 2012.

Umberto Eco
In The Meantime

Fifteen Questions with Umberto Eco

FM sat down with celebrated Italian semiologist, best-selling author, and public intellectual Umberto Eco to discuss Jesuit acronyms, forgery, and the limits of interpretation in porno movies.


Scientist Portrait: Dr. Jeff Lichtman

Jeff Lichtman, a professor in the Neuroscience Department at Harvard, was recently lauded for his work with cutting-edge brain imaging techniques. The Crimson sat down with him to discuss his work.

For The Moment

Red vs. Blue

Welcome to Politics

For The Moment

Viva la Revolución

Feel like you’re fixing to die? Whether you’re headed to Dewey Square or kicking back to Coldplay in the comfort of your room, you’re not alone in your frustration.

For The Moment

375th by the Numbers

As the 375th anniversary celebration approaches, the hallowed halls of Harvard Yard are abuzz with rumor and anticipation. What could ...


Harvard Economist Accused of 'Spreading Enmity Between Communities'

While Harvard stands by its professors rights to free speech, India is not quite as tolerant of Harvard-educated economist Subramanian Swamy. Swamy has been charged with "spreading enmity" between India's Hindus and Muslims.

Harvard in the World

The Answer: Who is Joon Pahk?

Pahk emerged victorious in two rounds of Jeopardy! this week, already earning $79,000 over the two episodes. He will continue his run tonight.