Larry Summers

Panelists Discuss Economic Rise of China at IOP Forum

Former Kennedy School Dean Graham T. Allison Jr. ’62 led a hybrid panel discussion Wednesday about China’s emergence as an economic superpower with former University President Lawrence H. Summers, Tufts professor Kelly Sims Gallagher, and London School of Economics professor Keyu Jin ’04.

Harvard Affiliates Help Found New University In Response To Free Speech Concerns in Higher Ed

Several current and former Harvard professors are helping establish the University of Austin, a private liberal arts school in Texas launched in response to what some of its founders see as a culture of censorship within higher education.

Exhibits Attached to Final Club Suit Detail Internal Debates Over Selling the Sanctions

In court filings this week, a trove of documents — including internal Harvard communications and official reports — were released as part of the federal lawsuit over sanctions on members of final clubs and single-gender Greek organizations.

Former Harvard President Larry Summers Compares 2020 and 1972 Elections At IOP Event

Former University President Lawrence H. Summers and former Senator Gary W. Hart of Colorado cautioned Democrats to moderate their political platform ahead of the 2020 presidential election at an Institute of Politics event Wednesday.

A Tale of Two Larrys

But for all of Bacow’s and Summers’s differences and similarities, one element will likely remain as constant for the second Larry as it did for the first: an attentive Faculty eager to push the boundaries of its governing power.

In Presidential Search, Corporation Likely to Regularly Consult Faculty

If history is any indication, faculty on the committee advising the search for Harvard’s next president will be involved until the very end of the search, while students will play a far more limited role.

Summers Decries 'Creeping Totalitarianism' at Colleges

Former University President Lawrence H. Summers discussed recent campus discourse and protests about race at colleges across the country during an interview, criticizing “excesses” of political correctness on the part of students and administrators.

Summers on Economic Inclusivity

At a Thursday evening forum discussion, former University President Larry Summers shares with Financial Times columnist John Authers his thoughts about inclusivity in modern economic growth.

Obama Colleagues Summers and Furman Talk Economic Growth

Former University President Larry Summers and Jason L. Furman ‘92, the current Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, discussed domestic economic growth at a packed JFK Jr. Forum at the IOP Monday night.

Larry Summers in 2014

Former University President Lawrence H. Summers speaks in a Science Center lecture hall in October 2014 regarding future investments in public health.

Summers Warns Against Appearance of Anti-Israel Bias at Harvard

Summers cited numerous examples that he alleged might imply Harvard’s support for anti-Israeli viewpoints.

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