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'Carrie & Lowell' Devastatingly Intimate

Forgoing the intricate, symphonic compositions of some of his earlier work, Stevens alternatingly aims forgiveness and bitterness at his mother’s ghost on “Carrie & Lowell” through some of the barest lyrics and instrumentation he has ever used.

'Jupiter Ascending' a Flop

Though the Wachowskis may yet release a movie that rivals their previous filmography in complexity and mesmerism, “Jupiter Ascending” is an unoriginal attempt to release a more palatable film, which, to Wachowski fans, may be the hardest part to stomach.

For the Record: Weezer, 'Pinkerton'

Sure, I can claim with confidence that it’s wrong to exoticize Japanese girls. But is it wrong to admit that sometimes you hate yourself because you find yourself doing it? And is it wrong to find that kind of relatable?

"Space Project" Showcases Stellar Songwriting

As far as collaborative albums go, “The Space Project” is a fairly disjointed one, but the album revels in this multifaceted soundscape, turning its diffuse style into its greatest strength.

DeMarco Leaves His “Salad Days” Behind

In a way, DeMarco has found his comfort zone. The 11 tracks on “Salad Days” serve as mile markers on a circular track, marking musical growth and exploration but ultimately lacking the dynamicism to capture the listener’s attention for any significant period of time.