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Harvard in the City

Home Sweet Shelter

It’s tucked on the corner of Dunster and Winthrop Streets, bright and inviting. Plush couches surround a TV, and a re-run of Family Guy provides background noise for bantering guests. Round tables encourage dinnertime conversation, and computer carrels serve as pockets of privacy. The building is clean, spacious, and (most importantly) it welcomes them with open arms

A Little Levity

Dear Harvard

Harvard’s history is fraught with piles of letters, many simply addressed to “Harvard University, Harvard, USA” with questions about math problems, requests for degrees, and even suggestions for world peace.

For The Moment

For the (Guinness World) Record

Harvard students are high achievers in all walks (or, more aptly, crawls) of life.

Summer Postcards 2012

Stray Lessons

Next year, as I toil away in Lamont among a sea of Harvard’s stressed out overachievers, I hope I’ll remember that happiness can be rooted in simplicity; sometimes, a cold frappé and good dog are all you need.

Summer Postcards 2012


Summer Postcards 2012

Still Here

Olympia is that small. Mammoth tour buses flood the streets with eager tourists who snap their photos of Zeus’s temple before speeding off to their next location that same day. At first, I envied them as they uploaded their pictures to Facebook, crossed Olympia off their lists, and embarked on new travel adventures. However, I am starting to think that three weeks here will not be enough.


The Upperclassmen Guide to Visitas

Enjoy awkward silences and endless introductions? We've compiled a list of the highlights of this year's Visitas weekend.


New Dangers Revealed For Lungs Of The Young

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health published a new study last month that suggests that young children are more susceptible than adults to particle deposition in their lungs through inhalation.

Bros with Prose

VIDEO: Bros with Prose

In light of poetry month FM writers ask bros to eloquently read some poetry and prose. They recite the works ...

Bros with Prose
On Campus

Bros with Prose

Boston Marathon

Burger Brigade Serves Free b. good Shakes Tomorrow

Donned in colorful, yet tasteful burger suits, the Burger Brigade redefines fast food. This Thursday, from 4 to 6 p.m., the group will be serving free b. good shakes and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in front of b. good.

Student Life


Student Life

The Reversible Collar Company

Mt. Auburn Street offers so much more than Boloco and final clubs. Tucked beside a parking lot, a large red brick building with the hanging sign "Harvard Square Shiatsu" goes unnoticed. However, this overlooked site is actually a historic gem. A bronze plaque immortalizes the building as the former home to one of the stranger trends in fashion. Welcome to the Reversible Collar Company Building.

On Campus

New Website To Take On Boston Nightlife

Tired of hearing "Levels" on repeat while bros play beer-pong, but don't know where else to party? Anna M. Remus '13 has got you covered.


The Man, The Myth, John Legend

Couldn't snag tickets to see John Legend at Cultural Rhythms this weekend? Don't fret. Here are a few facts about the R&B crooner that you can use to impress your friends anyway: