Daniel J. Solomon

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Hillary Clinton, A Hero of Our Time

From the lack of principle to the internal contradictions, she has the outlines of such a protagonist. And perhaps her persona reveals some hard truths about American society.

A Time to Every Purpose

Rather than ask why Divest activists appear so angry, we should ask ourselves why we do not.

Understanding the Human Reality

For those who care about Israel, now is not the time to isolate our friends across the sea. It is a time to talk and listen, encourage and understand.

Sympathy for the Devil

We should laugh off the event, but first we must consider the severe logical and moral distortions perpetrated by its decriers.

Dissent: A Regrettable Choice

Had Bloomberg been asked to the Institute of Politics, we would have urged our classmates to engage in a respectful dialogue with the former mayor, and to challenge him on his record. But Commencement is not a night at the JFK Jr. Forum—every graduate should feel celebrated and included.

Pete Seeger: A Prophet in His Own Land

Seeger crooned for Okies. Seeger agitated for unions. Seeger stood up to McCarthyism. Seeger campaigned and raised money for civil rights. Seeger cleaned up the Hudson River. He recycled and rewrote songs from one movement to the next, as much for convenience as in recognition of intersectionality.

Sticking To The Union

If it is to survive, American labor must abandon the suites for the streets, putting a renewed focus on grassroots organizing and popular education.

Bye Bye Bloomy

Critical as I still am, there have been times I have been proud to call Michael Bloomberg my mayor.