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Ta-ta to 'tucci's

Bertucci's in Harvard Square still has its lights on Wednesday night as the last customers finish their meals. The Italian restaurant closed its doors for the final time on Wednesday.

Nicole M. Pizzi runs on a Hemenway Gymnasium treadmill at the “Run for Boston” event on Wednesday, held to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Hemenway rented out all of its treadmills for the event, with all proceeds given to One Fund, the official charity set up by Governor Deval Patrick to help survivors of explosions.

Hugo Van Vuuren ‘07, introduces the Experiment Fund, a seed-stage investment fund started in 2012 by Harvard alumni, on Wednesday afternoon. Entrepreneurs who recieved money from the Eperiment Fund spoke about their progress.

Baseball for the Blind

Coach Justin Majourides, Harvard School of Public Health '12, and beep ball players Aqil Sajjad, a grad student studying physics at FAS, and Joe McCormick, a junior at Harvard College, receive questions about their sport from audience members. Justin, Aqil, and Joe gave a Q and A session about beep ball, a sport designed for the blind, after a showing of a documentary about their team in Jefferson Hall on Thursday.