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An Apple A Day?

This week, “Kirkland apples” has become the phrase on every Harvardian produce consumer’s lips. Rumor has it that the apples in Kirkland dining hall are superior to those HUDS stocks everywhere else.

MASS Design Group Goes 'Beyond the Building'

On Friday, April 4, in the Piper Auditorium of the Graduate School of Design, Michael Murphy (MArch ’11) and Alan Ricks (MArch ’10) presented “Beyond the Building,” a series of short films documenting MASS Design Group’s work over the five years since its founding.

Minoo Emami: An Iranian Artist on War and Its Victims

Emami’s paintings are arresting, each depicting a prosthetic limb in stark relief against a pitch-black background.

Artist Spotlight: Vijay Iyer

The Crimson caught up with the multitalented improviser before his March 14 concert, which featured former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinksy and the Vijay Iyer Trio in Sanders Theatre.

Heartbreak and Laughs in the 'Hat'

While the emotional and moral content of the show might have been melodramatic and downright depressing, the skillful acting of the cast rounds out characters beyond mere sketches of people from the wrong side of the tracks.

Hyperion Scene Recitals Perform Shakespeare's Best

This year, to honor the 450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare, the Hyperion Shakespeare Company has selected scenes from the Bard’s greatest hits, the production’s theme. In 90 minutes, favorite monologues and familiar scenes will be presented by a slew of actors, both veteran and novice.

Actors are Left to Flounder “In the Dark”

Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s production of “In the Dark,” an original play both written and directed by Matt S. Krane ’15 ran from Feb. 21 to 23; while the script of "In the Dark," generic in parts, could have deflated under the weight of its own artistic ambition, the strong cast and the lighting prevented it from doing so.