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Consider Agriculture

At this critical juncture, where an aging and conformist class of farmers is being phased out, farming must be rebranded to turn those with the skills and passion for innovation into a new generation of sustainable, forward-thinking agriculturists.


Retire Ronald

And while the country is immunizing itself against the fast food industry, Ronald is growing more infectious.


Plow Through The Stump

We need to make eating a hyperconscious activity, to recognize that only conditioning ourselves to compulsively think before we eat will chip away at the extant residual effects of the most shameful era of American history.


The Ethical Case for Eating Animals

Historically, there have been more factors than just human intention in the process that has given us the beef steer and the broiler chicken.


The Food Banking Crisis

Those who do have the privilege of access to good nutrition must exercise it for those who don’t.


Big Seed, Bigger Problems

It is important to note that in the process of denigrating Monsanto, we have lost sight of a comprehensive and rational dialogue on agricultural innovations needed to meet a higher—and categorically different—demand for food than we’ve ever seen before.


For Caitlyn

Service, brotherhood, and any other positives with which fraternities furnish the world often pale in comparison to what statistics show dominates the frat ethos: alcohol. Lots of it.