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Obama the Morbid Jokester

Like any good comedian, Obama ended his roast with a mic drop—a universally recognized symbol of odium and disappointment, and a sign that he is self-aware that this was no ordinary Washington black tie affair.

Don't Keep the Change

This is little consolation for the deprivation of liberty that these figures and the demographics they represent have suffered in America, and it is ultimately emblematic of a nontrivial, even arrogant endeavor to sanitize history on a large and visible scale.

The Myth of Tone Policing

One can simultaneously be angry and rational.

Obama's Disillusioned Doctrine

Hope is the Obama doctrine’s Achilles Heel. Where Obama does not find hope, he shies away. Where a good leader does not find hope, he is duty-bound to keep looking.

Florida is Everything

What a disheartening endgame, slowing down the Trump machine is. It implies the delay of the inevitable—the slow bleeding of a dying party—which begs the question, is it finally time to pull the trigger?

The Apolitical Hubris of Black Progressivism

Like many democratic socialists, Sanders prefers to view Americans as populating classes, not races—and like many conservatives incidentally, he views employment as the most effective solution to addressing the litany of woes touted by black and Latino progressives.

New York Values

Accusing Trump of espousing New York values fits well into Cruz’s general strategy, and critics were too quick to declare Trump the winner of this altercation.

The Muslim Problem

Our fear of Muslims and residential titles will run its course until it reaches the irretrievable depths of the past: static, harmless, barely a speck in the wistful past.

When Is Censorship Okay?

More deadly than what the restriction of free speech on college campuses can lead to is the abandonment of the very purpose of higher education as soon as the first person says, “You can’t say that.”

We’ll Always Have Paris

Those who twist this reality to cry of moral favoritism against the outpour of solidarity with France as opposed to browner countries like Lebanon and Iraq seem to base their argument on the risibly opportunistic, wholly inappropriate speculation that somehow Americans value French lives more than Middle Eastern ones.