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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Takes Forever, Gets Halfway

The problems largely center around Thanos (Josh Brolin), the villain of the sprawling film, a large purple man who wants to wipe out half the universe’s inhabitants in a population control plan that suffers from a basic misunderstanding of exponential growth.

'Alto's Odyssey' Launches Genre to New Heights

“Alto’s Odyssey” succeeds with such beauty and grace, one forgets that what one is playing is “just” an endless runner, “just” a game for a phone or tablet. “Alto’s Odyssey” isn’t just the best of its genre—it’s better than its genre.

‘Fate of the Furious’ Less Than the Sum of Its Parts

The film should have ended there. This opening sequence was spectacular. It took practically all of the franchise’s standout features—vibrant urban scenes, beautiful cars, thrilling race footage—and compressed them into a simple but outstanding ten minutes. And unlike the rest of the film, it was actually about car racing.

'Keeping Up with the Joneses' Surprisingly Sedate

“Keeping Up with the Jones” is a fundamentally conservative movie: No one is psychotically wacky; no one is cringe-inducingly awkward. The resulting film ends up being rather restrained.

'Batman v Superman' Rollicking and Ridiculous

To sum up criticisms of this movie: The plot is terrible. The two demands of the title—to make the two fight and to launch a host of Justice League movies—prove far too much for this script to bear.