Black Portraiture

Dr. Barkley L. Hendricks, a pioneering artist in the genre of black portraiture and photography, talks about the intersection of class, race and art Tuesday afternoon at the Harvard Art Museum.

In Focus: Harvard's Film Students

Earlier this month, the department of visual and environmental studies organized its semesterly student film screenings to showcase a series of short fictional, documentary, and animated films that are produced in Harvard’s film making/video making classes. The Crimson talked to several participants about their works and their experiences.

Making Space: Diversity, Inclusion, and the Arts at Harvard

As Harvard’s undergraduate student body has grown ever more diverse, many challenges remain in making the University a fully inclusive institution for all those admitted. According to The Crimson’s annual survey of graduating seniors, students of color at Harvard are less likely to concentrate in the arts and humanities than their white peers. But both faculty and students say that making the arts more open has rarely been so important.

VES Visiting Faculty Exhibition Prompts Conversation

The gallery, which hosts a variety of student and faculty showings throughout the year, currently houses selected works by six visiting faculty members in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies: Lucas Blalock, Jennifer Bornstein, Paul Bush, Dru Donovan, Alexander Galloway, and Kianja Strobert.

Harvard College Film Festival’s Blockbuster Year Heralds Growth

The HCFF has grown remarkably over its brief lifespan, and its explosive expansion underscores the organization’s potential to serve as a focal point and forum for discussion among film-makers and film aficionados alike.

Inside the CCVA: Pop Goes the Book Store

Walking into the new Consumer Research Center/ itself feels like entering a different world—the pristine white gallery walls confer a sense of deep importance on the spare but carefully curated display of books.

VES Would House Doctoral Program With Proposed Merger

The undergraduate-only Department of Visual and Environmental Studies could formally house its own graduate program for the first time in 50 years, should the Faculty of Arts and Sciences approve a proposed merger between VES and the Standing Committee on the Ph.D. in Film and Visual Studies.

VES Fall Open Studios

Adi Snir, a second-year graduate student in the Department of Music, cranks a lever that helps run his sculpture that is unofficially entitled “Concerto” on Tuesday night in the Carpenter Center. Snir presented his sculpture as part of the Fall Open Studios that were held by the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies.

Double Exposure

“It feels like you’re going to two shows,” said Harvard Art Museums Curatorial Assistant Jessica S. Hong about the simultaneous opening of two new exhibits on Thursday evening. Hong, left, and Madi L. Stine ’17 examine art during a new show in the third floor of the Carpenter Center.

The Humanities at Work

The universe of higher education often bemoans a "crisis" in the humanities, with supposedly dwindling numbers and few job prospects. At Harvard, humanities concentrators face a crisis of choice, attempting to balance their passions with factors like stability and employment. For Harvard graduates, the question is not so much whether you’ll get a job with a humanities degree—it’s where.

On Farkas Stage, Alumni and Faust Talk 'Whiplash'

At a panel introduced by University President Drew Faust, three College alumni discussed their work in creating "Whiplash," a film about a jazz student and his instructor.

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