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Bean and Heard: Natto Eating Contest

Most of the people eating in the Quincy dining hall seem blissfully unaware of what is about to take place. I have arrived at Harvard Japan Society’s first-ever Natto Eating Contest, although the event is still in its preparation stages.

‘Internet of Garbage’ Author Discusses Online Harassment

Jeong used her “Theory of Garbage” to discuss the things, including harassment, that disable the internet as an avenue of communication for certain groups of people.

‘Happiest Man in World’ Calls for Cultural Evolution

Matthieu Ricard presented altruism in the contexts of economic inequality and environmental sustainability, emphasizing its power to affect societal and personal change.

Green Transportation Event Showcases Sustainability Efforts

The annual event aims to “let [the University community] know [about] all the stakeholders that are promoting sustainable transportation across campus,” said Ben Hammer of CommuterChoice.

Soulless Cycle

The sky is a cold and unyielding shade of white, and I am making a painfully ungraceful attempt to mount a large bicycle in the Canaday courtyard. After some unseemly gymnastics, I straddle the seat and wonder if one can, in fact, forget how to ride a bike.

Tea with Strangers

This is Tea with Strangers, an organization that facilitates casual conversations amongst groups of strangers, with the goal of creating intimate communities in large cities.

Activist Calls for African Women to 'Weave New Narratives'

South African political activist Mamphela A. Ramphele discussed the role of women in promoting social change and gender equality in a lecture on Monday.