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Birdie Park (top)
Fifteen Most Interesting

Birdie Park

“I like the idea of being different, so I think I’ve gotten a little wilder with it,” Birdie Park '18 says.

A gamecube controller.

The Word: Control

I’m a human being with a heart and two working thumbs, so I’ve been playing Smash since I was six or so.

Professor David Charbonneau

David Charbonneau

David Charbonneau was into exoplanets before they were cool.

The truth will come out.

FM Imagines: Datamatch

I slid my hand to my holster and introduced the big one on the right to my dear friend. His name’s Magnum, and he’s got one hell of a right hook. I must be getting old, though, because before Magnum could acquaint himself with the second bruiser I found myself flat on my back seeing stars. I guess it’s true what they say: Love hurts.

The truth will come out.

The truth will come out.

Fm uncovers the dark truths behind this campus's greatest mysteries.

After The Storm

Take 'Er for a Spin

What makes the Wheel so “super?” While you’re pedalling, the motor augments your speed, so attaining and maintaining high velocities is a piece of cake. The app controls how much juice the motor ouputs, and lets you keep track of battery life, speed, and distance travelled.

Dungeons and Dragons Dice Stock Image

Roll With It

Ben G. Cort '18 is the Dungeon Master.

In Quincy's Basement

FM Imagines: Hillary and Trump as Section Kids

This section always went to hell every four years.


We The Petitioners: Rewriting the History of Massachusetts's Native Americans

The petitions record the voices of native peoples who were active participants in the American democracy, even as that democracy robbed them of land and rights.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Felipe's Taqueria

Andrew 'n' Ben Do An Outdoor Bar Round-Up

We at “Ben and Andrew” are eternally grateful for the enormous outpouring of support we’ve received since we started writing our hit column, “Ben and Andrew,” last spring. Unfortunately, due to creative differences, “Ben and Andrew” has decided to dissolve. Luckily, we’re releasing a brand new column, “Andrew ‘n’ Ben”, that we think you’re going to love. We encourage you to follow along, and as always, to revisit your favorite “Ben and Andrews” from the archives.

Harvoid Square
Harvard in the City

FM Imagines: Harvard Square in Four Years

42 CVS locations and a turkey celebrity; what other fixtures will you find in the Square in four years?

Glenda Carpio
Af Am Department

Glenda R. Carpio

In her current work on immigrant literature, Carpio is interested in when “America fails the person or when the person can’t cope with the difficulties of becoming someone else."

Queen's Head Pub
Food and Drink

The Colledge Scene

While John Harvard’s life was about as glamorous as his statue’s left foot, he has certainly managed to leave his mark. His most obvious legacy is a small college in Boston (well, not in Boston, near Boston), but some of his influences are a little more subtle. Among them is the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub.

Food and Drink

Ben & Andrew Do a Juice Cleanse

I started off strong on Tuesday, chaining down juice after juice before breakfast. At about this moment I realized a major flaw in my plan: I actually hate apple juice.

Wasabi Roulette
Food and Drink

Big Appetites, Small Plates

“Small plates,” or tapas, as they are often labeled, seem to be more of an excuse to double prices while halving portions than a fun alternative way to enjoy a meal. Nevertheless, the food is undeniably interesting and sometimes even quite tasty.