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Harvard’s Hidden Staff Artists

During their free time, many Harvard staff members enjoying creating art and music. For the first time ever, there is an event where staff members can present their art at the Smith Campus Center Staff Arts Show.

Give a Girl a Sword and She’ll Ask for a Battalion

When Twombly first looked up “sword fighting” on a whim and joined the Boston Armizare, she was the only woman in the club. She was determined to bring her hobby to a wider audience, however, and set out to show other women that they, too, can enjoy martial arts.

Give a girl a sword - group

Esfinges is the first female international HEMA network, created to unite and support female martial artists and encourage and assist more women in taking up the practice of Historical European Martial Arts.

Leon C. Welch

Leon C. Welch, an HUHS employee, was one of the participating artists at the Staff Art Show. He hopes the show will foster more meaningful interaction between staff, students, and faculty.

Jack Staid at the Staff Art Show

Jack Staid, who works at HUHS, was one of the participating artists at the Staff Art Show Wednesday at the Smith Campus Center. He has been playing the piano for 20 years and played three songs during the exhibition.

Service Starts with Summer

Feder was one of the 75 students in the Class of 2023 to participate in the new Service Starts with Summer Program, affectionately referred to as 3SP by its organizers. Administered by the Phillips Brooks House Association, the program gives each participant a $1,500 stipend for completing 100 hours of work on a self-directed service project in their hometown.

A Thirty Meter Impact

Five-thousand miles away, a video call beams from the Big Island of Hawaii into Boylston Hall. Tonight, a panel of Hawaiian academics is directing the audience’s attention toward a conversation that has captured the hearts of the people — the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea.

Tucker G. Brown

Regarding the popularity of the event, Tucker G. Brown, Knead Doughnut's representative at the event, noted "There was a line outside before we opened, and then there was not one break in between."

Pop-up Doughnut Shop

Knead Doughnuts of Providence, RI hosted a doughnut pop-up shop in Cambridge last Saturday, selling a variety of flavors including Vanilla Glazed, Sour Cream Old Fashioned, and Pumpkin Spice.

Striking a Spooky Chord

While the Society’s students are often found on the organ bench practicing or performing, their Harvard peers don’t usually frequent the audience on the ground floor. However, once a year, the annual Halloween recital draws an eclectic crowd of costumed students.

Reimagining an Epstein-Free MIT

On Friday, Oct. 18, Media Lab students and staff hosted an event at the Lab called “Reimagine This Place” in response to the recent revelations. Members of the MIT community were invited to make posters that represented their vision for MIT’s future — and the world’s future.

A Ghostly Tour of Harvard Square

The tour doesn’t guarantee spiritual encounters, though it does promise to “entertain and perhaps freak you out.” And so, on a chilly Thursday night, I went to see if it would make me into a believer.

Ronan Farrow Is the Real Deal

Farrow's new book paints the picture of a system of intimidation operated by powerful men in order to silence their accusers — one full of spies, lies, and shadowy contracts.

So a Witch, a Voodoo Master, and a Warlock Walk Into a Market...

We’re stuck behind a cluster of middle-aged women clad in black tulle and felt witch hats. It’s early on a Friday evening in Salem, Mass., and after unsuccessfully trying to locate the Psychic Fair and Witch’s Market, which we traveled 26.2 miles to visit, we decide it’s a safe bet to follow the gaggle of witches.

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