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“May Ramadan Bring us Together, but Keep Yourselves at Home”

For Sahar M. Omer ’20, the president of the Harvard Islamic Society, the sudden evacuation of Harvard’s campus in March meant more than the transition of classes to Zoom. The month-long Ramadan celebrations that Omer had planned with multiple committees of peers and faculty at Harvard were suddenly called off. Even a pilgrimage to Mecca, set to take off from Boston Logan airport only days after the University’s announcement, was canceled by Harvard’s Muslim chaplain Imam  Khalil Abdur-Rashid within hours. At Harvard and around the world, faith, along with the rest of life, shifted home.

Massachusetts General Hospital's Pursuit of Happiness

The Happiness Committee has existed at Massachusetts General Hospital for several years, but it has taken on an entirely new meaning during the pandemic and has been working to boost the well-being of both patients and healthcare workers alike.

A Waiting Space

This is a CultureHouse “third space,” a place “between home and work to hang out, meet people, create, share skills, and learn,” its website states. Started in 2017, CultureHouse aims to “increase livability and joy in cities,” by designing free-to-use, public infrastructure projects that leverage vacant urban spaces, founder Aaron B. Greiner explains. The Harvard Square location is one of two temporary CultureHouse pop-ups in Cambridge; the other is in Kendall Square.

Tell-all of a Tellus Tale

A small blue house stands out from Garden St.’s otherwise brick exteriors, a sign reading “Tellus” hammered above the door. To most passersby, the Tellus Institute probably looks like an inconspicuous front. Perhaps it’s just another Cambridge family home or a mysterious Harvard research facility. Maybe Tellus is a Greek word, and it’s a frat house in disguise.

The Virtual Experience

Without the ability to experience campus, the class of 2024 must now make a college decision based predominantly on online resources, of which some students are wary because they are provided by colleges themselves.

15 Seconds of Fame

Chiang’s content highlights some of the more comical ways Harvard chooses to spend its endowment: Specifically, Chiang has garnered followers by creating videos about the vast selection of off-brand cereal in the dining halls and the mold that was growing in his dorm room in Eliot House.

A Harvard Education: Family Edition

Most Harvard students only see their parents on holidays and family weekends. William M. Lese '20, however, sees his mother, a Master of Public Administration candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School, at least weekly.

Fermentophone Rosenstock

Rosenstock shows the crowd how the microbes in a jar of beer make music as part of his artist talk at the Museum of Natural History.

Hassle Flea market

On Saturday afternoon, Boston Hassle had their bi-monthly art and flea market at Elks Lodge in Central Square.

A Valentine’s Day Eve Self Love Potion

It’s the night before Valentine’s Day, and I’m in the trendy Somerville event space Warehouse XI. Tonight, it houses the Boston Women’s Market Self Love Potion, which boasts a mocktail bar and about ten vendors selling clothes, jewelry, and skincare products. I note the t-shirts that say “feminist” in cursive lettering.

boston women's market

The Boston Women’s Market Self Love Potion was held in an event space Warehouse XI at Somerville. The market boasts a mocktail bar and about ten vendors selling clothes, jewelry, and skincare products.

Boston Women's market period

Katie Y. Diasti is the Founder & CEO of Viv for Your V. Viv for Your V offers sustainable pads and liners made from bamboo and corn fiber packaged in aesthetically pleasing boxes.

Harvard’s Hidden Staff Artists

During their free time, many Harvard staff members enjoying creating art and music. For the first time ever, there is an event where staff members can present their art at the Smith Campus Center Staff Arts Show.

Give a Girl a Sword and She’ll Ask for a Battalion

When Twombly first looked up “sword fighting” on a whim and joined the Boston Armizare, she was the only woman in the club. She was determined to bring her hobby to a wider audience, however, and set out to show other women that they, too, can enjoy martial arts.

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