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HoCos Plan Neighborhood Harvard-Yale Tailgates

With the annual Harvard-Yale football game approaching, House Committees have partnered with the Office of Student Life and the Undergraduate Council to organize upperclassman House neighborhood tailgates.


Harvard Sports Analysts Score with Professionals

​Undergraduates interested in analyzing athletics data need look no further than Harvard Yard, where the College’s only sports analytics student group meets weekly to discuss unnoticed trends across the sports world.


Concussion Experts Praise Ivy League Tackling Proposal

​Following Ivy League coaches’ unanimous vote in February to prohibit all regular-season full tackle practices, concussion experts praised the proposal.


Ivy League Coaches Approve Banning Full-Contact Football Practices

Amid increasing concern over player safety and concussion prevention, Ivy League football coaches voted last week to eliminate all full-contact practices during the season.


CrimZone Rewards Program Sees Rapid Growth

With free t-shirts and pizza, Harvard’s Athletics Department is successfully luring increasing numbers of students across the river to attend varsity sports games through its CrimZone Rewards program and has doubled attendance at select games.

Datamatch Matches by Class Year Graph

More than Half of Datamatch Date Requests Left Hanging

As hundreds of students explored popular restaurants in Harvard Square with their Datamatches over the past few weeks, others were not so lucky.


Students, Faculty Call for Asian and Pacific American Studies Program

Ethnicity and Migration Rights program coordinator Tessa Lowinske Desmond urged attendees to appeal to the Harvard administration to create a formal academic program in Asian and Pacific American studies.

On Visual Commons and Black Lives

NYU Professor Discusses Black Lives Matter, Mizzou

Nicholas Mirzoeff spoke about how an increase in internet access and higher populations in urban areas have changed the outlook and methods of modern social movements.

Soman Chainani

Harvard Grad Chainani Discusses Fantasy Book Series

​New York Times bestselling author Soman S. Chainani ’01 shared his experiences as a writer and discussed his children’s fantasy trilogy “The School For Good and Evil” on Tuesday during a Folklore and Mythology class.

Gun Control Colloquium
Student Groups

Law Groups Debate Gun Control

The Federalist Society argued for the preeminence of the Second Amendment in granting citizens the right to bear arms, while the American Constitution Society contended that guns’ detriments outweigh their benefits.

City Politics

Polls Open Tuesday for Cambridge City Council Races

Harvard students with roots in Cambridge said their city has a particularly active local politics scene, but they differed in their interest in voting this cycle.

A Discussion of Bioethics
Harvard Law School

Oxford Professor Talks Science and Moral Behavior

Julian Savulescu said science research could develop biological markers that can test for certain genes that predict aggressive behavior.

Rac(e)ing to Class

Richard Milner Talks Race and Educational Inequality at Forum

“We know on a classroom level that race matters,” University of Pittsburgh professor H. Richard Milner said. “We need to reject these colorblind ideologies on an individual level, but also at the systemic level.”

New Battery Technology

Harvard Researchers Hail Eco-Friendly Battery

​A team of researchers from Harvard have developed a breakthrough in battery technology that they say can store renewable energy in a non-toxic, non-flammable, safe, and cheap way.