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Jenna M. Gray

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The Limits of Representation

We can still celebrate representation, but we’ll be far better off if we demand more.


Harvard Debate Culture

The first lesson from the elite liberal arts education: It is possible to speak without saying anything at all.


R.I.P. to the Mrs.

There are a few decent people on this campus. But they’re probably either boo’d up or not looking to date you.

Annenberg Hall

Harvard’s Kindness Problem

After three years on this campus, I Iament the reality unbeknownst to or ignored by many: Harvard students are exceptionally rude.


Occupational Inquiry Testing

My demand is simple: Don’t ask people what their parents do. If your mental itch to inquire into their occupational past overwhelms you, ask yourself why.

Phone column

Performing Wokeness

We may not save the world from global mass extinction in 2100, but at least we felt good about ourselves for barely trying. And looked good online doing it.

Piles of Money

I’m Scared of Rich People

Some people are scared of snakes. Others quake when faced with heights and twenty-story buildings. But my fear falls along the socioeconomic ladder: I’m scared of rich people.

All Gender Restroom
FM Front Feature

Housing Beyond the Gender Binary

“The way I had been assigned to this entryway—this formal gendered categorization of suites, the birth name on my door, the lack of open space to challenge any of that—made it hard to feel at home there,” Noah Wagner '18 says.

Hear Her Harvard
The Scoop

Visions of Feminism

While “Hear Her Harvard” was ostensibly all about women at Harvard, it raised questions about the legitimacy and inclusivity of the supporting organizations’ feminism.

Cornel West

Hope as Practice: A Conversation with Cornel West

Spotting his colleague and friend Brandon Terry from afar, West shouts, “Stay strong, Brother Brandon!” and departs from our interview for “Just one second.” For a few minutes, onlookers smile, stare, and chatter eagerly at the sight of West. He exclaims, “I’m blessed to be here! I’m blessed to be here!” In response, a woman shouts, “We enjoy your blessing!”

Romance Novels

Accidentally in Love: Verena Conley

My big obsession right now is the question of care, in the sense of attentiveness to the world. We live in a world of censors where experience is discounted, but I still wanted to go back to a case where the woman from [this world] becomes observant and starts to look at the world better.

Food and Drink

The Town Crier: Angry Yelp Reviews

"In a word? Dog food on a tortilla."