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To Be a Harvard Man

Based in Mather House, “The Masc” seeks to provide a space for undergraduates to address questions about masculinity at Harvard. Founded by Mather House tutor David Jud and Unitarian Universalist Harvard chaplain Adam L. Dyer, “The Masc,” to Jud’s knowledge, is the first organization on campus created exclusively to explore masculinity, both in the context of Harvard and beyond.

MASC David Jud

Jud says that his goal is to provide a space to “share stories” and allow everyone's experiences to exist.

MASC David Jud 2

David Jud is a resident tutor at Mather House. Together with Harvard chaplain Adam L. Dyer, he founded “The Masc”, the first organization on campus created to discuss and address questions about masculinity.

Perceptive Automata Can Predict Your Jaywalk in Harvard Square

Perceptive Automata, a Boston-based startup founded in 2015, aims to make the presence of autonomous vehicles on our roads as mundane as asking Siri to tell a joke. But the stakes may be higher than the ones chipper AI assistants present: while Siri’s occasional misinterpretation of a simple command might result in an inconvenient manual Google search, a self-driving car’s mistake could result in a fatal accident.

From Indie to Institution

At Schlesinger, you study zines; at Papercut, you read them. Sitting in Schlesinger’s sterile, white-walled reading room, there’s a dissonance between the environment and the zines’ anti-establishment nature.

Perceptive automata - car

Perceptive Automata takes a novel approach to circumvent the shortcomings of driverless technology by analyzing pedestrian behaviors.

Does Cambridge Have a Hate Crime Problem?

On Oct. 28, the Cambridge City Council moved to address hate crimes like these. The body voted unanimously to pass an ordinance “to determine Cambridge’s threat level from hate crimes and other related events” and empowered City Manager Louis A. DePasquale to decide on an appropriate response.

The Rising Cost of Nighttime Care

In order to avoid another significant bill, Jordan opted to Uber off-campus to Mount Auburn Hospital, accompanied by her roommate. She received a taxi voucher from UHS for her trip back to campus, but when it failed to summon a taxi for “three to four hours,” she ended up returning to campus around 7 a.m. with HUPD.

Restoring the Vote in Massachusetts Prisons

State Senator Jamie B. Eldridge says the 2000 Massachusetts constitutional amendment is fundamentally anti-democratic. “It’s a disenfranchisement that disproportionately impacts African Americans and Latinos, given the makeup of our prison population,” he says. “So I see it as another form of a sort of modern Jim Crow.”

Decision tree

A decision tree — a much lower tech means of studying decisions than the experiments at the Decision Lab.

Federal Funding and the Question of Academic Freedom

After many organizations decried the First Amendment violations in the letter, last month, the Department of Education voted to renew funding for the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies for the 2019-2020 academic year. Still, members of Harvard’s CMES are worried the letter will affect its own Middle East Studies programming under the Trump administration.

Resounding New Traditions

In 2008, the Lowell Bells that had sounded across campus since 1930 were swapped out for a nearly identical pair. The exchange was a monumental undertaking, yet few at Harvard noticed it, and even fewer knew the truth behind the swap’s impetus and funding.

The Two Arthur Sacklers

Though the museum he funded on Quincy Street, the “miracle” that affirmed Harvard’s commitment to fine arts education, was erected to honor Arthur Sackler’s patronage of the arts during his lifetime, it has become to many a symbol of the forceful pharmaceutical advertising now implicated in thousands of overdose deaths.

A Local Crusade To Lower The Voting Age

Brody is one of the many student activists in Massachusetts who spends his free time advocating for students’ rights. Today, one of the issues he is committed to is lowering the voting age in Massachusetts to 16 for municipal elections.

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