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The Ones Who Stayed

Of the more than 6,000 students that typically reside on Harvard’s campus, only a few hundred remain. Social spaces are locked, the chairs in the dining halls are gone, and hallways — normally resonant with the sounds of life from within dorm rooms — are silent.

The Hidden History of the Harvard Law School Library’s Treasure Room

Upon the completion of the Caspersen Room's construction in 1948, the director of the library said that the room was “not to be a stationary object, but a vital, active force working for the benefit of mankind.” While initially meant to serve as a memorial to the Law School students who fought and died in the World Wars, a walk around the room today reveals Harvard’s connections to long histories of racism and injustice.

Casperson Room

The Casperson Room is located in the Harvard Law School Library.

This Taiwanese Video Game Stirred an International Controversy. Now It Sits on the Shelves of the Harvard-Yenching Library.

Last month, the Harvard-Yenching Library added a controversial video game to its collection. “Our work is to support our faculty members, students, and visiting scholars,” explains Xia-he Ma, a librarian. “If the patron wants materials to do research or teaching, we usually will support them.” Others didn't share his opinion.

Applying to Harvard, One Conference at a Time

In typical years, the conference seeks to export “the Western liberal arts education style at Harvard” to China through its eclectic speaker series and seminars. Though the program prides itself on its range, seminar leaders must ensure that their curriculums do not clash with the stances of the Chinese government on controversial issues. And while the presidents reject the idea that admission to HSYLC improves one’s odds of admission to Harvard, some applicants believe the brief affiliation with its undergraduates will bring them closer to their goal.

72 Students in the Studio

“Painting’s Doubt” is unlike any other introductory painting course taught at Harvard. While most studio classes are capped at anywhere from 12 to 20 students, Painting’s Doubt has room for 72.

Tommy's value

Tommy's Value is a convenience store located at 47 Mt. Auburn Street.

Painting's Doubt student

A student in "Painting’s Doubt" works on an assignment during a 4-hour long section last Friday.

Painting's Doubt

This semester, Professor Matt R. Saunders ‘97 is teaching “Painting’s Doubt: A Studio Course,” a General Education course that aims to make art and studio painting more accessible to Harvard students.

To Be a Harvard Man

Based in Mather House, “The Masc” seeks to provide a space for undergraduates to address questions about masculinity at Harvard. Founded by Mather House tutor David Jud and Unitarian Universalist Harvard chaplain Adam L. Dyer, “The Masc,” to Jud’s knowledge, is the first organization on campus created exclusively to explore masculinity, both in the context of Harvard and beyond.

MASC David Jud 2

David Jud is a resident tutor at Mather House. Together with Harvard chaplain Adam L. Dyer, he founded “The Masc”, the first organization on campus created to discuss and address questions about masculinity.

From Indie to Institution

At Schlesinger, you study zines; at Papercut, you read them. Sitting in Schlesinger’s sterile, white-walled reading room, there’s a dissonance between the environment and the zines’ anti-establishment nature.

Perceptive Automata Can Predict Your Jaywalk in Harvard Square

Perceptive Automata, a Boston-based startup founded in 2015, aims to make the presence of autonomous vehicles on our roads as mundane as asking Siri to tell a joke. But the stakes may be higher than the ones chipper AI assistants present: while Siri’s occasional misinterpretation of a simple command might result in an inconvenient manual Google search, a self-driving car’s mistake could result in a fatal accident.

Perceptive automata - car

Perceptive Automata takes a novel approach to circumvent the shortcomings of driverless technology by analyzing pedestrian behaviors.

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