The Scoop

Row 34 Worker

A member of the kitchen staff stands at the counter of Row 34, one of two restaurants by award-winning Chef Jeremy Sewall; he opened the ghost restaurant La Ventana recently.

The Heart of Education

“Undoubtedly — I can't say this in stronger terms — this course would have met the highest level of Gen Ed committee evaluation,” he says. “There are other courses that were nowhere near this threshold of quality that you could cut for funding reasons. This is not the one to go.”

Weymouth Blue Lives Matter Graphic

An illustration of the highly-contested Blue Lives Matter flag.

Love at First Match

Can an algorithm designed by college students help you find the one?

Active Minds Opens New Chapter at Harvard

Alton and Wang brought a chapter of Active Minds to Harvard to address students' mental health concerns during the pandemic and to fill the role left behind by Harvard's temporarily unavailable peer health education groups.

Candy and Condoms

It’s Halloween, and Smith spends the next hour and a half handing out goodie bags to students, picking them out of the box and confidently striding down the iced-over steps in one-inch platform heels to meet new arrivals. Each goodie bag contains the usual items: candy, Halloween toys, and of course, four Trojan brand condoms.

From the Poker Table to the Zoom Screen

The complexities of poker are what drew co-president Dasha Metropolitansky ’22 to the game in the first place. “I picked up a few pretty simple poker math books and realized very quickly that this game, which you can learn in ten minutes, was infinitely more complex than I thought it was.”

Investigating COVID-19 Data Through A Feminist Lens

Through their work, the lab hopes to illuminate how gendered experience within society interacts with biology — and it believes that it is critical to consider these variables in intersection, as opposed to isolation, with regards to COVID-19.

Monument Project

Another entry is a series of self portraits taken by Rawji herself entitled “both and”. In the photographs, she poses with shards of a broken mirror which reflect fragments of her face.

Cambridge Considers Banning Police Use of Tear Gas in Wake of Protests

On April 15, 1970, Massachusetts State Police deployed tear gas in a crowd of nearly 3,000 anti-Vietnam War protesters in Harvard Square. On May 31, 2020 — roughly fifty years later — police deployed tear gas on protesters in the Boston Common and Downtown Crossing area who were demonstrating against the police killing of George Floyd. Months later, both moments are fresh in Cambridge City Councilor Jivan G. Sobrinho-Wheeler’s mind. Sobrinho-Wheeler sponsored a policy order to ban the use of tear gas by police in a City Council meeting on Oct. 26.

Visualizing Social Justice

"When I think of this period of national reckoning, in my mind’s eye, I see a photograph captured in my hometown of Charleston, S.C. It documents the removal of a statue of John C. Calhoun, a former vice president and an ardent defender of slavery, from its 115-foot tall pillar in the center of the city. In the early hours of the morning, the sharp silhouette of the bronze Calhoun and the crane hooked to his neck and shoulders is set against an orange sunrise. The image it conjured is unmistakable — it is that of a man hanging from a noose."

Can Psychedelics Actually Save America?

As the United States approaches the fiftieth anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s declaration of a “war on drugs,” the country faces a reckoning over its long history of racism and institutional violence. That reckoning has manifested most publicly in protests this summer. But a crucial, if less visible, part of the fight for racial justice are efforts to decriminalize controlled substances — including psychedelics — that have played a large part in enabling the mass incarceration of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Americans. In a panel on Oct. 28, Harvard Law School’s Petrie-Flom Center sought to interrogate this very question.

October Is the New December

On Oct. 15, the Harvard Book Store shared a letter with its patrons on its website and social media platforms, opening up to its customers about a necessary shift in the usual holiday retail calendar. “We ask our community to please shop early and shop local, at our website and store, and at those of our neighbors,” the letter reads.

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