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Panelists Connect Environmentalism and Workers' Rights

Experts looked at connections between environmental protection and workers' rights and honored a fellow panelist for her work promoting safer conditions in nail salons.

Storytelling Event Strengthens Bonds at Ed School

Thursday's hour-long event, called “Double Take: Stories That Make You Think Twice,” provided a venue for performers to speak openly about their personal experiences and struggles.

Art Created by Tutor Stolen from Pfoho

A little over a month ago, a piece of art from a six-piece installation created by Pforzheimer tutor Omobolaji O. Ogunsola ’10 was stolen from its Moors Hall home.

Fellows Use Postcards to Humanize Victims of Ukrainian Conflict

Their project, which sends postcards to individuals around the world containing idyllic photos of Donetsk, Ukraine juxtaposed with death notices, has sought to raise awareness of lost lives in Ukraine.

Prize Recipient Hopes to Combat Violence Through Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Middle East Initiative celebrated Palestinian schoolteacher Hanan Al Hroub as the second recipient of the Global Teacher Prize in a discussion Thursday night.