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Not On Bonnie's Watch

Trying to get into Lev on a Thursday evening during Community Dinner? If you’re not in Lev, then not on Bonnie’s watch.

Housing Day
Housing Day

Blocked Out: Deconstructing Harvard’s Housing System

Now more than ever, Harvard administrators are considering quandaries of “belonging” in the spaces students occupy, from final clubs to Houses. The first three incarnations of the House system were born from issues of inclusivity—future changes could be motivated by similar concerns.

Identities Auditions

Inclusivity in Fashion: How Harvard’s Next Top Model is Different from America’s

“Especially with fashion, it’s kind of a complicated issue because it is an industry and an art form where forever there’s only been one vision of beauty,” Tyler J. Frances ’18, Co-Creative Director and Executive Producer of Identities, says. “I think that a mission we’re trying to bring to campus is that beauty comes in endless forms, and I think that in the past maybe [Identities] hasn’t portrayed that as enthusiastically as [it] should have.”

New Frontiers
Central Administration

Harvard Opens New International Office in Tunisia

​Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies opened its first field office in Tunisia last Tuesday in an effort to expand Harvard’s global presence.

Community at IOP

Campus Quiet, Students Tense As Trump Heads Down Path to Victory

As the night wore on Tuesday with a Donald Trump presidency ever more likely, Harvard students watching the electoral results trickle in slowly grew silent.


White Collar Felon and Former FBI Informant Visits HLS

Tom Hardin, a white collar felon and subsequent FBI informant, recounted his experiences with insider trading and federal investigations

Student Life

Democracy Matters Panel Calls for Campaign Finance Reform

​Panelists argued that money has a skewed role in the American political process at an event last Friday evening hosted by Democracy Matters, a national student organization that advocates for campaign finance reform.

Flyby Blog

How to Make a Bad Impression

It’s almost two months into the new school year and by now we’ve probably all had our fair share of both good and bad first impressions. Unfortunately, with class sizes over 1,500 students, combined with other class years and professors, the social ordeal that is meeting new people at Harvard never ends. So what do you say after you introduce yourself with your name, dorm/House, year, and concentration? More importantly, what do you not do?

Houghton Library

Houghton Library Expands Offerings With Spanish Collection

Houghton Library has expanded its historical documents collection with the donation of a collection that features new historical artifacts from the 20th century.

Flyby Blog

Guide to Columbus Day Weekend

​This weekend is Columbus day weekend, and while your family is going on an annual apple picking day trip, we’ve reached the point in the semester where you instead are likely living the life of a Lamonster. Fortunately, Flyby is here to tell with tips about how to take advantage of the weekend.

IOP Debate Watch

Half-Empty Auditorium Watches Kaine and Pence Square Off

This time around, fewer groups hosted watch parties and the IOP’s John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum was left half-empty.


Harvard Jewish Affiliates Mourn Death of Israeli Leader

Jewish Harvard affiliates are mourning the loss of former Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Shimon Peres, who died Wednesday at the age of 93.

Harvard Kennedy School

Prize Recipient Hopes to Combat Violence Through Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Middle East Initiative celebrated Palestinian schoolteacher Hanan Al Hroub as the second recipient of the Global Teacher Prize in a discussion Thursday night.