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Benjamin D. Senzer

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Primary Source: 2007-2008

​“I am a book today. Smart, with information in my pages. Look me up, I’ll have it. Pages and pages of information, non-fiction and biographies and history. I know it all, I know it all.”

Primary Source: 2005-2006

"Benjamin is a very interesting little boy. He, at times, presents himself as a ‘50 year old man.’ In fact, last year at recess, he rarely said that he played with the other children, and preferred to hang out with the lunch aide."

This Is Not CS50

If you are enrolled in my class, you actually have to come to my lectures. No longer can you be in my class and not be in my class. This isn’t Schrödinger’s Class, Bubble Bass.

Fifteen Professors of 2017: Carla D. Martin

Chocolate is Carla D. Martin's calling.