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Holyoke Chair

When The President Took A Seat

Though the chair’s course through Harvard’s history is vacuous at best, its role in Harvard’s presidential tradition is iconic today.

god genesis

Hebrew Bible's Fall from Grace

And the LORD said, I will destroy the General Education I have created and the covetous section kids who seek to raise their sad GPAs from the dust of the earth.


Primary Source: 2007-2008

​“I am a book today. Smart, with information in my pages. Look me up, I’ll have it. Pages and pages of information, non-fiction and biographies and history. I know it all, I know it all.”

Writers notebook

Primary Source: 2006-2007

“I want my reader to know exactly everything about all the details. To think exactly what I write. I want my reader to know everything.”

Crayon drawing

Primary Source: 2005-2006

"Benjamin is a very interesting little boy. He, at times, presents himself as a ‘50 year old man.’ In fact, last year at recess, he rarely said that he played with the other children, and preferred to hang out with the lunch aide."

Game of hangman

Primary Source: 2004-2005

"Are there any benefits to placing limits on a first-grader’s creativity?"


Primary Source: 2003-2004

It is only in a song, after all, that ‘G’, ‘C’ and ‘F’ make sense. It is only as a name that ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ are fully functional.

CS50 Strength

This Is Not CS50

If you are enrolled in my class, you actually have to come to my lectures. No longer can you be in my class and not be in my class. This isn’t Schrödinger’s Class, Bubble Bass.

Professor Carla D. Martin

Carla D. Martin

For Carla Martin, chocolate is a calling.

Professor Carla D. Martin

Fifteen Professors of 2017: Carla D. Martin

Chocolate is Carla D. Martin's calling.



I find the thought of unbridled success even more frightening than the thought of struggling to get there. Indeed, keeping my villain alive just a little while longer kept me struggling, struggling to the bitter end. But she gave me a reason to get up in the morning. I needed her.

Lowell in spring

FM Imagines: 5 Famous Harvard Dorm Rooms

Composed of a common room, three singles, and a fourth room containing zero occupants, the N+2 lends community spirit and personal space while fostering a physical manifestation of the abstraction of human life as we know it.

Final Clubs

FM Imagines: Chaucer Night at the Quabot Club

“Not to worry, my friends. As is longstanding Quabot Club tradition, all new inductees must read from ‘The Canterbury Tales’ to prove their worth. Or not. Whatever.”

Bong and Widener

It's High Time: Weed at Harvard

Even after recreational marijuana became legal Massachusetts in the fall, some Harvard affiliates—professors, administrators, proctors, deans, even students—still clam up when asked what they think about using the drug on campus.

Undergraduate Council

A Literary Analysis of Yaz and Cam's "Re: Back at it"

Through its immeasurable range of rhetorical chutzpah, “Re: Back at it” sends readers on an electrifying odyssey through the brilliant literary minds behind Harvard’s student government.