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Courage is a Dog

“Courage the Cowardly Dog” asserted that fear is okay, and that it is how we respond to inescapable circumstances that defines us.

Charles Sumner Statue

A Tale of Two Statues

"Someone tipped off Committee members about what they considered a scandalous secret: It had been designed by a woman."

Striped Harvard Shirt
Harvard Square

Playing Their Cards Right: Lawsuits and Protecting The Harvard Brand

For the University, trademark infringement lawsuits are less about money and more about reputation. Harvard rarely seeks damages; its motivation is protecting the brand, not extracting money from usually small-time businesses and entrepreneurs.

Professor Shiv S. Pillai

Shiv S. Pillai

"In science, you are never done," says Shiv S. Pillai. "There is always something that’s not finished. The only way to survive in this type of field is to really enjoy the stuff you do, and to have fun with whatever comes out of it. "

An 1861 photograph shows the surgeons and military leaders of the 20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. Paul J. Revere, Class of 1852, is fourth from the left.

"A Forgotten Name": The Harvard Regiment of the Civil War

The Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, was nicknamed the “Harvard Regiment” for its close ties to the College.

A skull. Human, in origin.
Harvard Medical School

The Murder of Dr. George Parkman

A friend of his later remarked that Webster, as a younger man living in London, had formed the unsavory habit of attending public executions. These outings were fueled by his morbid fascination with the body. Even the horror of death could not quell his interest in human anatomy.


FM Imagines: Emails From Leslie Kirwan

Everyone's favorite inbox update.