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Platform 9 3/4 Still

Transfiguring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling’s Most Infamous Retcons

Since J.K. Rowling decreed in a series of tweets that her novels were actually secretly filled with diversity all along, it must be so.

Noah Centineo

How About No-ah: A Definitive Ranking of Noah Centineo’s Films from Worst to Tolerable

Let’s play a game: Scroll through new releases on Netflix and take a shot every time Noah Centineo appears in a teen rom-com as the “nice jock.”

AMH: 1984 Still

‘American Horror Story: 1984’: Horrifyingly Campy

The newest season of the anthology series “American Horror Story” might just tide over your cravings for mildly spooky, retro summer vibes — as long as you don’t mind the lack of an engaging plot.

'SIX' still

‘Six’: Slain Queens of Henry VIII Still Slay the Pop Music Game

Tired of being just another notch in Henry’s bedpost, former Tudor Queens together seek to reclaim history as noteworthy women in their own right.

End of Semester Playlist Photo

Arts Playlist: 5 Songs for Your End-of-Semester Mood Swings

At least you have this playlist to soothe you through your end-of-semester panic.

YA Novels Photo

Top 5 Most Overrated YA Novels

Get ready to cringe on this trip down memory lane, because this top five probably features a slew of your favorite books from middle school.

the mermaid finds her voice in this one cover

“the mermaid’s voice returns in this one” Has No Unique Voice of its Own

Although her poetic techniques are lacking, Lovelace has the chops to be a writer of fortune-cookie fortunes.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf Cover

‘Black Leopard, Red Wolf’ Revives the Fantasy Genre with Untamed Imagination

While “Black Leopard, Red Wolf” may not redefine fantasy, its psychedelic twist on African mythology brings fresh flavor to a genre that is dominated by medieval European influences.

Skyward Cover

‘Skyward’ Shoots for the Stars, but Doesn’t Quite Hit the Mark

“Skyward” doesn’t have a strictly upward trajectory — it has brilliantly fleshed-out action scenes balanced with relatively shallow supporting characters.

Legacies Premiere Photo

‘Legacies’: A Spin-Off of a Spin-Off That Fails to Gain Traction

“Legacies” is an apt title for a show that rides on the coattails of its predecessors and desperately tries to inherit their lucrative formula of moody, unrealistically attractive supernatural beings plus familial issues, along with a heaping serving of convoluted romances.

The Habitat Cover
Arts Blog

‘The Habitat’ Fails Initial Launch, but Later Takes Off

“The Habitat” is a program that is initially attractive for its crazy, futuristic premise, but soon becomes more enjoyable for the interpersonal dynamics of the HI-SEAS team and the reveal of surprisingly unglamorous parts of astronaut life.

Lore Cover
Arts Blog

The Horror Genre Takes a Page out of History Textbooks in 'Lore'

Just as the most effective lies often hold a grain of truth, the most terrifying stories are usually grounded in reality. Nonfiction horror podcast “Lore” is proof of that.

Cecil B. DeMille photo
On Campus

‘The Lost City of Cecil B. DeMille’ Unearths Film History

In the midst of a modern age of obsession with Hollywood culture, “The Lost City of Cecil B. DeMille” is a timely examination of the American film industry’s origins.

'Smallfoot' Still

‘Smallfoot’ Leaves a Big Impact

“Smallfoot” stands out with its mature commentary on the importance of questioning what is presented as repetition, a salient topic for both children and adults in this age of political cover-ups and sensational media.