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Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern Returns to Brookline Booksmith To Promote ‘The Starless Sea’

Eight years after the publication of “The Night Circus,” Erin Morgenstern returns to the spotlight to herald the release of her second novel, “The Starless Sea.”

Song of the Crimson Flower Cover

‘Song of the Crimson Flower’ Has a Romance that Fails to Bloom

Julie C. Dao’s “Song of the Crimson Flower” is a frothy, contrived concoction of pleasure reading and little more.

Ordinary Girls Cover

'Ordinary Girls' Is Anything But Ordinary

Jaquira Díaz’s memoir chronicles the vibrant color, joy, and tragedy of a life lived with inimitable passion.

'Scandalous' still

‘Scandalous’ Hardly a Scandal

“Scandalous” aims for piping-hot controversy, but settles instead for lukewarm praise.

Read My Lips
On Campus

‘Read My Lips’: The MFA’s Latest Exhibit Gets Mouthy

On Saturday, the MFA launched three new exhibitions: one on contemporary art, one on African aestheticism, and one on the mouths of women.

Batwoman Still

‘Batwoman’ Squeaks Short

The CW’s “Batwoman,” the latest installation in the “Arrowverse,” a fictional comic universe, delivered a shaky first performance, resting on the well-trodden stones of the many superheroes and villains that came before it.

Ninth House Cover

‘Ninth House’ Brings the Ghosts Out of Yale

What makes “Ninth House” so compelling — and, at times, painfully self-conscious — is its unnerving plausibility.

Bo Burnham and Jonny Sun
On Campus

Bo Burnham and Jonny Sun Discuss Mental Health and the Internet at MIT

An hour before “Digital Anxieties: a Conversation with Bo Burnham and Jonny Sun,” a line had already formed down the hallways at MIT.