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Behind the Scenes at Boston Supper Clubs

In recent years, the Boston area has seen a flourishing of private multi-course dinners. They take a variety of forms: a pop-up in a restaurant, a meal around a table. Prices range widely, from $30 to more than $200, and the hosts run the gamut as well from amateur to professional chef.

nana cake

A cake congratulating Georgian novelist and literary scholar Nana Abuladze for winning an award. Though her books have been published in Georgian, Abuladze wrote much of her work for Exchanging Notes in English.

exchanging notes cover

For Exchanging Notes, a Georgian writer and a Georgian musician and an American writer and an American musician spend the summer working virtually with their artistic counterparts from the other country.

Mixing Two Types of Mountains: A Night with Exchanging Notes

The program sends artists from America and Georgia to each others' countries. "I'm going to bring this American clawhammer old-time style to the highest inhabited village in Europe," says Maxwell Evrard, "and I’m going to make people tap their foot."

Harvard’s Science, Technology, and Society 20th Anniversary Conference discusses the future of the field

What does the future of STS entail? Everyone seems to have a different answer. Most people agree, though, that the key to STS’s success is creating opportunities for collaboration between scientists, technologists, and policymakers.

Adventures on the Rift

We played as the sun set and the sky split into pink and yellow, the room awash in gold. We played as the lamps turned on and the rooms around us quieted down to rest. When I went to bed that night, still giddy, I saw the graphics imprinted behind my eyelids, just as vibrant and animated as they’d been on screen.

Toppings in the Square

The Toppings food delivery app allows users to get free food delivery by having a friend or family member grab the order on their way back from the restaurant they were already going to.