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Dissent: The Cost of Easy A’s

These days, it feels like there’s a new grading system in place at Harvard. Although not officially declared, Harvard’s grade inflation models a shadow pass-fail system — students consider an A or A- as passing and regard a B+ or below as failing.

Dissent: This Was an Appropriate Police Response

Ultimately, we reject the Board’s characterization of the swatting as a consequence of militarized policing. In fact, this incident demonstrates the need — especially at an institution like Harvard — for a police force that is familiar with the community and able to respond actively to threats of violence.

It’s Too Hot at Harvard

Regulated temperatures are not only a matter of comfort but also educational achievement and health and safety. The College should not sacrifice the health, academic potential, and comfort of its students to save on energy costs. The advantages of regulated temperatures are great.

Queen Elizabeth Deserves Respect, Not Reverence

I am sure this is a tough time for the Queen’s family and many Britons, and sending our condolences across the pond does little harm. But let’s avoid fixation. As Nigel Farage remarked: “The Queen is dead… Sad day, but we now have a king

HUDM: Harvard University Dining Monopoly

While we should all be grateful for the hard work and enthusiasm of our HUDS employees, students should not be forced to either dine in their own houses or effectively pay a fee each time they venture outside their house to grab a meal with friends. The dining program is unnecessary to its goal of fostering community at Harvard and monopolistic in nature. It must go.

This UC Election, Vote for You

Tools like are changing what’s possible for democracies. We shouldn’t shy away from experiments: It was just 80 years ago that the world boasted fewer than 10 democracies. We are positive that the College is capable of more cooperation and better governance than the dreary state of the UC suggests.

Save Students Not Money

At some point, the University must take more of a responsibility for the spread of Covid-19. Before asking students to give up important parts of their college experience again, administrators should ask themselves what more they can do to stop the spread without compromising student life.