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Dissent: The Cost of Easy A’s

These days, it feels like there’s a new grading system in place at Harvard. Although not officially declared, Harvard’s grade inflation models a shadow pass-fail system — students consider an A or A- as passing and regard a B+ or below as failing.

Nothing New Under John Harvard’s Statue

Mark Twain said history rhymes but does not repeat. He must not have been to Harvard. History seems to recur here, with students and administrators caught in a Nietzschean cycle of eternal return.

Dissent: Don’t Donate to Harvard, Reprise

The Editorial Board's satire is well-taken, but the Board missed a chance to investigate mega-donations to Harvard. Our verdict is quite simple: They should never occur.

Leveling the Playing Field on Aristocrat Sports Preferences

While our admissions department should attempt to cultivate excellence in the incoming class, it should not sacrifice fairness to do so. World class rowers are world class. But that doesn’t mean they deserve a spot at Harvard.

Dissent: A Welcome Addition to Campus Discourse

We were disappointed by the Board’s assumption today that the Council of Academic Freedom at Harvard’s mission is not a genuine effort to support academic freedom. By calling the council’s explanation for its formation “dishonest” and thereby assuming malicious intent from the signatories, the Board has failed to practice the very credit and kindness it has called upon others to extend in civil discourse.

How Harvard Careerism Killed the Classroom

As Harvard transitioned from a patrician school to a seemingly meritocratic one, students increasingly began to view their degrees as financial investments, attempting to maximize return while limiting downside risk. It is this new, pecuniary approach to one’s college education that is to blame for the vertiginous increase in consultants and bankers.