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Dissent: The Cost of Easy A’s

These days, it feels like there’s a new grading system in place at Harvard. Although not officially declared, Harvard’s grade inflation models a shadow pass-fail system — students consider an A or A- as passing and regard a B+ or below as failing.

Dissent: Nix the Alumni Interview

If the College would like to keep the interview component, then it should provide professional interviews to all applicants. If the College cannot guarantee equal treatment for all applicants, then it should not offer interviews at all.

ChatGPT Needs a ‘Problematic’ Mode

With the current system in place, the public can’t determine just how biased ChatGPT is, leaving these biases to express themselves in insidious ways. As horrible as it might sound, I believe that in a designated mode, OpenAI should let ChatGPT show its biased and problematic views instead of hiding them away from public scrutiny. If anything, it might make all the Harvard students currently using the chatbot reconsider how much they should rely on it.

Chatbot Behind Bars

This image was generated on DALL-E using the prompt "chatbot locked up behind guardrail digital art."