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Haircuts in Harvard Yard

Aaron Kang’s Grays common room salon had the feeling of a meditation sound recording: the pitter-patter of the rain, the slice of scissor blades meeting, the hustle of students walking past the window.

A New Laundromat Program in Cambridge Public Schools Is Not Just About Laundry

The pandemic delayed the project, but also reaffirmed its value. Many students at CRLS live in public housing, and during the pandemic, Hardina often delivered gift cards for food and laundry to them. She said that students and their families were always excited to receive laundry gift cards — that’s when she knew a program like this would work.

Great Boston Clean-Up and the Possibilities and Limitations of Individual Responsibility

“Beauty matters” is the motto of Keep Massachusetts Beautiful. The organization believes that by improving the physical appearance of a place, it improves the likelihood that residents will take better care of it in the future. But it was also founded in 1953 by the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, two companies engaged in and dependent upon the mass production of single-use plastics.