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Syros’s favorite part of his day was going to the gym. The whole process, from sitting on the bus while making his dishwater-looking protein-water mixture, to listening to his hype playlist, to setting up for a superset.


The lock clicked from down the hall, signaling to Jude that it was Monday and his girlfriend was back from her trip.

‘I Kissed Shara Wheeler’ Review: A Perfect Rom-Com

In “I Kissed Shara Wheeler,” McQuiston’s latest foray into the world of young adult romance, readers meet another set of couples grappling with much of the same challenges as those in “One Last Stop” (2021) and “Red, White & Royal Blue” (2019).

Holly Humberstone Concert Review: Rising Indie Star Returns to Boston

Humberstone’s second ever appearance in the city cements her status as one of the most exciting indie artists to watch. Her intimate performance at the brand-new Roadrunner stage garnered a very warm welcome.

'Legally Blonde' Preview: A Pan-Asian Spin on a Harvard Classic

“It tells a really great story about a woman who goes to a place that she never would have seen herself before, and learns something about herself that she never thought she could,” Riew said. “I think that is something that not just people in ASAP but so many just people at Harvard have experienced.”