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Does Harvard Really ‘Defend Diversity?’

Any one of these actions could begin to show students that Harvard treats diversity as more than a statistic. But as we wait for Harvard to take its students of color seriously, remember: Without action to back it up, “defend diversity” is just a slogan.

The Supreme Court Killed Campus Diversity. What Now?

Unable to consider a student’s race, admissions offices will be forced to compare students’ resumes without the full context of the privilege and inequality that informed them. The Court’s conservative justices have crafted a college admissions landscape effectively stacked against students of color. Today, the Supreme Court has sent an abundantly clear message: College is for the privileged.

All Europe, All the Time — How Harvard is Failing Ethnic Studies

While the promise of new Ethnic Studies hires is a start, we need more than promises — we need an Ethnic Studies department where professors are afforded the same degree of job security and basic respect as their colleagues in other departments via tenure. Further, to recognize the intrinsic value of ethnic studies, Harvard College should create an ethnic studies course requirement, stamping it as essential to an undergraduate education.

Dissent: Harvard Square is Not the Center of the Universe

It’s time we asked ourselves, who’s really to blame for Harvard Square being so inaccessible: individual tourists or the multibillion-dollar university that created a local economy with 16 dessert shops, more than 10 banks, and an overpriced CVS in an effort to appeal to them?

Clubs for the Rich, Jobs for Everyone Else

If the HUA cares about its only job, then it’s time to prove it by making a meaningful push for financial aid within student organizations. Club funding affects real people. When we pretend it doesn’t, we wind up with the completely inadequate and exclusive system we see today: Clubs for the rich, and jobs for everyone else.

“No Sabo Kids” Still Deserve Latinidad

When so much of the country sees speaking Spanish as “un-American” and random Latines are yelled at for using their native language, it should come as no surprise that many parents decide not to teach their children to speak Spanish. The resulting “no sabo kids” certainly deserve Latinidad; we lost our language as a result of forced assimilation — a key part of the Latine experience.