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Matthew E. Nekritz

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Instagram, Infographics, and The Information We Consume

Given the recent crises in the Middle East, and subsequently on our campus, I have become acutely aware of the information I consume and where it comes from, especially on social media.

Beyond Bourdain: Disassembling the Meat-Eater’s Anti-Vegan Bias

Vegan and vegetarian food absolutely can be, should be, and often is incredibly tasty when given the same attention and care as meat dishes. We should all be saying “yes” to more meatless options, more often, and saying no to the built in meat-eater bias that rejects a food just because it’s labeled with a “V.”

SENIOR SALE: Clearing Closet and Conscience

For the sake of our environment and culture, we should undoubtedly think more about fulfilling our community needs before haphazardly throwing used goods up for sale. But at their best, senior sales hold a glimmer of hope for building a more sustainable culture on our campus.

To My High School in Mourning

At this point, it feels like there’s only so much one can say about this epidemic of gun violence plaguing our country. So, instead, I’ll direct this to East High School students, current and former — to my peers. And in that vein, to all students who have feared for their lives within the confines of their school. The power and spirit that you hold in the heart of Denver is indomitable.

How I Walk Through the Square

We can stop and say hello. We can look people in the eye with the same dignity and respect we afford our friends and professors. We can learn a name, maybe four. We can tell someone ours. Shake a hand, buy someone lunch, make a friend. Listen. We can see our unhoused neighbors as fellow human beings. It is literally the least we can do.