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‘There Is No Right Routine’: Zoulfa Katouh on Inspiration, Deadlines, and Navigating Growth

Writing a story changes for everybody. Routines differ by how writers set deadlines and goals, and how they structure their pieces — whether they outline or not. For Katouh, understanding what works best for her work was a large part of her journey as an author.

Author Profile: Devra First on Soup, Community, and the Sharing of Culture and Stories

First, a current restaurant critic and food writer for The Boston Globe, always knew she wanted to be a writer and has always been fascinated by food.

‘All The Light We Cannot See’ Season Review: Not Enough Nuance

For a show that explores delicate themes such as the power of language and the senses, and the way technology, radio especially, can be misused, the characters’ conversations do nothing to explore these further, and the usage of words such as “light,” “darkness,” and “truth” becomes redundant.