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Dalevyon L.J. Knight

Contributing writer Dalevyon L.J. Knight can be reached at dalevyon.knight@thecrimson.com.

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Pforzheimer House

Welcome to Pforzheimer House! With its unique polar bear mascot, four residence halls, and luxuries such as the “spfa,” Pforzheimer (colloquially known as Pfoho) is sure to truly excite. Let’s not forget the adorable “pf” puns that make for a fun and tight-knit community (though you might be temporarily sick of them by the time you get to the end of this article). In a world full of river houses galore, residents know that Pfoho is a hidden diamond that lies within the often-overlooked Quad.

An Ode to MQC

Dear MQC, I cannot thank you enough for the hours you have saved me throughout the week. Please never change your collaborative, stimulating, and chaotic self. I love you and all you have to offer, and the day Harvard gets rid of you is the day my GPA tanks.