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Harvard, MTA Deny Allston Purchase

Reports that Harvard was prepared last August to purchase another 87 acres of Allston land for $150 million from the

Allston Residents Voice Worries Over Housing

Allston residents met last night to voice concerns over Harvard’s plans to build a new academic campus in their Boston



Bad Dreams Swollen Members Swollen Members—it sounds like it might be a Tenacious D-esque musical comedy team. Yet, while their

Pressured, Law Profs Consider Relocation

One year after its faculty voted unanimously against leaving its historic Cambridge campus, Harvard Law School (HLS) has established a

Council Candidate Aims To Shrink Government

If Steven Jens gets his hand on Cambridge’s helm on Election Day, he’ll head hard right. Locating himself between Libertarians

Harvard's New Frontier

Before a crowd of Boston and Harvard officials gathered in the newly-constructed Spangler center at the Business School in March,

The Spectacular Mr. Novak

Because the deal with his investors hasn't been signed yet, B.J. Novak '01 can't say too much about his plans

Harvard, Watertown Talk About Arsenal Purchase

Harvard sketched the outlines of a payment deal with Watertown yesterday in an attempt to quell fears that the University's

Harvard Considers Land Purchase in Watertown

Harvard has expressed strong interest in purchasing a 30-acre business complex in Watertown, but town officials fear that the tax-exempt

Students Learn Fine Art of Interview Dining

A well-attired undergraduate contingent of would-be investment bankers and consultants filled the Currier House Senior Common Room last night to

Judge Stops Benefits to City Staff's Partners

A Massachusetts Superior Court Judge ordered Cambridge on Thursday to stop paying insurance benefits to domestic partners of city workers,

Housing Crunch: Grad Students Face a Tough Housing Market with Few University Funds

When Robert O. Krikorian says "We're not asking for a handout, we're not asking for a free ride. We just

OCS Bans McKinsey Campus Recruiting

The Office of Career Services (OCS) has barred McKinsey and Company, a pre-eminent consulting group, from this year's on-campus recruiting

Protesters Gather in Philidelphia

PHILADELPHIA--In early morning hours Saturday, the people are still working. They are making goats' heads out of cardboard. They are

Modernized Baccalaureate Aims to Please All

With Christian psalms, Hindu Upanishads and the word according to Rudenstine, the senior class will join in worship today in