Students Learn Fine Art of Interview Dining

A well-attired undergraduate contingent of would-be investment bankers and consultants filled the Currier House Senior Common Room last night to study the etiquette of business dining from a master of manners.

The three quad houses joined with the Office of Career Services (OCS) to prepare students for dinner recruitment interviews with a mock business dinner and interview workshop, called "Mind Your Manners: Interviewing and Dining Etiquette."


With the business advising team from OCS, Susan Bourneuf, assistant to the Cabot House Senior Tutor, hired a professional etiquette consultant to lead the attendees' initiation into the rites of American business dining.


The consultant, Jodi R. Smith, takes her manners seriously.

Some of her tutees displayed elements of poise--straight backs and easy smiles--while others fiddled with their fingers and glanced nervously around the room.

But by starting with the basics, Smith left no one behind.

First, she said, don't gross anybody out.

Then she got technical, going through the table settings and mechanics of utensil work, both in the Continental and American styles.

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