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Lady Bountiful Exposed

T HERE ARE BASICALLY two things that Herta Loeser has to say in Women, Work and Volunteering. One is that

Getting a Fix on Nixon

Jules Feiffer has moved through several media since he first began cartooning for the Village Voice in its earliest days.

The Way of All Flesh

T HE WAY Andra Medea and Kathleen Thompson define rape in Against Rape, every woman--even the most independent--is likely to

Most Faculty Acknowledge Halloween

A door-to-door Crimson Halloween survey conducted last night revealed that 83.33 per cent of a sample of Harvard professors give

70 Members of Radical Union Discuss Problems of Teaching

The Harvard Radical Union, composed of over 70 graduate students and teaching fellows, met last night to discuss problems of

Battling the Women's Army Corps

Coffee cups in hand, smiling sweetly at each other across crossed legs and the crowded desk, we were nonetheless locked

Mem Church Changes Slowly

After more than two years of report-writing and deliberation about the future of Memorial Church, the situation remains very much

Radical Graduate Students Form Union, Plan Action

Over 50 graduate students have formed a Harvard Radical Union and are meeting this week to discuss organizing study groups

Graduate Panel May Dissolve; Elections Yield Few Delegates

The Graduate Student Panel yesterday considered dissolving itself because only 15 of the 45 departments of the Graduate School of

History Grad Students Spurn Panel

About 20 graduate students in History voted this week not to elect representatives to the Graduate Student Panel, expressing dissatisfaction

Alan Stivell

I N THE CREATION of the genre he calls "Celtic rock" Alan Stivell had a very good idea. Its realization

The Fertility Syndrome

B EING A FRESHMAN and frightened, I did not think to be offended. In an infirmary bed and gown, reeking

Grad Students Tell TRO Panel They Need Cash

Graduate student complaints about inadequate funding for teaching fellows overshadowed a discussion of teaching methods at a symposium last night

New Rules With Little Effect

Because the GSAS is dwindling in size and the College is growing, individual graduate students are being called upon to

One Coming, One Going, One Unsure

This was a week for playing musical House mastership. Wednesday Ursula Goodenough and Paul Levine announced their resignation as comasters